Dr. Carolyn Dean – Seven Pillars of Health

Success is unlikely in any health or fitness regime that doesn’t address all sides of the equation – body, mind and emotion. Additionally, programs that lack individualized, personal support aren’t likely to produce sustainable results.  This is what is so great about the work of Dr. Carolyn Dean which culminates in the Completement Formulas. While it’s true that Dr. Dean has devoted a portion of her attention to identifying and educating the public about the appalling record of mainstream medicine, she has spent an even more significant portion of her career developing a way to help the people who are alone in the trenches, bruised and diseased from years of misinformation and misdiagnosis to recover and develop perfect health. In tonight’s show, Dr. Dean talks about her Seven Pillars of Health, why she makes herself available for personal support to all our customers, why the Complement Now program is a two year program, and why you can begin, sustain, and remain healthy using these practices and authentically sourced products to your benefit.

Honorable mention – Dr. John Sarno – Healing Back Pain

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