Helping Family and Friends — Dr. Carolyn Dean

Several months ago an anxious husband called seeking help for his wife who had the unfortunate experience of being poisoned by Levafloxacin. This wonderful gal, full of life, looking forward to the arrival of her grand baby was immersed in a life of fear, anxiety, and pain with very little help or hope being offered through allo-pathetic medicine.  Fortunately, he was able to learn of the amazing work that Dr. Carolyn Dean is doing with magnesium and minerals. On tonight’s show we learned that the breakthrough has happened, the pain is disappearing, and the sun is starting to shine again!

Helping friends and family can be the most challenging – and rewarding – aspect of what we do.  Once our customers start feeling progressively better on The Completement Formulas, the next step is to radiate that wellness and well-being out to the rest of the family.  Tonight we talk about how to help friends and family members and much more!

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