Why We’re ALL Magnesium Deficient – Top Signs and What to DO

If you’ve ever struggled with health issues doctors couldn’t solve, then you may be one of the 80% of people deficient in magnesium! Magnesium’s responsible for over 800 known processes in the body and counting. If you want to find out if you may be deficient, the simplest ways to remedy it, and the huge positive benefits this could have for your body, then today’s show is for you.

We’re talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean, a leading expert in Magnesium with over 30 books & 110 kindles on the life-changing benefits of magnesium, including the extremely popular, The Magnesium Miracle (Revised and Updated Edition).

First we’ll discuss the top signs we’re deficient, why the deficiency, and how it shows up in our bodies. We’ll learn what to take, what not to take risks, dosages, and how much is safe! Plus baths, and true “electrolyte” sports drinks you can make at home without all the sugar!

We’ll look at how to re-mineralize your body, reversing osteoporosis and getting stronger, healthier bones. And we’ll look at kicking heart-disease naturally, removing plaque from your arteries, eliminating heart arrhythmia and fibrillation, lowering blood pressure & cholesterol levels, and improving your triglycerides and blood lipid levels.

We’ll look at autoimmune & inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, lupus, MS, ALS and Parkinson’s, plus autism and epilepsy.

For fitness, we’ll look at preventing muscle cramps and fatigue. And how magnesium can dramatically boost energy levels, reduce fatigue and improve the quality of your sleep!

This is an incredible, not-to-be-missed show to boost your brain power, healthy & fitness, and keep illness and injury away!

If you’ve ever wondered why your energy levels were low, anxiety is up, and your skin’s aging prematurely, then do we have the show for you too!

Key Topics:

  • why 80% of the American population is magnesium deficient
  • why a diet high in greens still isn’t enough
  • what Monsanto chemicals do to magnesium
  • why magnesium is so critical and the functions is supports
  • common symptoms of magnesium deficiency include: fatigue, insomnia, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, irritability, bone problems
  • how magnesium benefits the following: diabetes, MS, ALS, epilepsy, autism, cholesterol, teeth, PMS, menstrual cramps, menopause, sleep, insomnia, general inflammation, blood pressure, arthritis, kidney stones, chronic fatigue, alzheimers
  • the challenge of a diet high in dairy and why you don’t need as much calcium as you think
  • why women who take calcium supplements have a higher rate of heart disease
  • what is the proper calcium to magnesium ratio
  • why you may be taking more vitamin D than you need
  • how to make your own sports drinks with electrolytes
  • how to calculate how much water you should be drinking per day
  • what is the most easily absorbed magnesium available
  • what are the benefits of proper magnesium levels: better sleep, lower blood sugar levels, no more leg cramps, less irritability, orgasms
  • the benefit of Epsom salt baths with bentonite clay
  • how mold toxicity and candida (yeast overgrowth) interact
  • recipe for candida cleanse
  • the best way to test your magnesium levels and how to read your results (not the ordinary blood test you get from your regular exam)
  • how much magnesium you should take
  • why drinking more re-mineralized water means less trips to the bathroom
  • what are the two main sources of muscle cramping
  • why it’s especially important for pregnant women
  • why children probably need magnesium more than their parents
  • other topics discussed chelation, acid reflux, heartburn, ulcers


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Books by Dr. Carolyn Dean Mentioned in Show:

DOWNLOAD FREE E-Books by Dr. Carolyn Dean: “Invisable Minerals Part I: Magnesium” and “Invisible Minerals Part II: “Mulitple Minerals”

The Magnesium Miracle (Revised and Updated Edition) by Dr. Carolyn Dean

Atrial Fibrillation: Remineralize Your Heart by Dr. Carolyn Dean

IBS For Dummies by Dr. Carolyn Dean


  • where Dr. Dean recommends you get your magnesium RBC test (cost $45)


  • since 80% of the population is sick, you don’t want to be in the range of sick population; you want to be at the very top of the curve
  • so, you want to be between 6 to 6.5


  • according to Dr. Dean, everyone needs at minimum 600mg/day. For some people with symptoms she recommends 900mg. (she has some of her patients on 1200mg)


  • not magnesium oxide, only 4% absorbed and cause diarrhea
  • not magnesium chloride,  binds and separates in fractions of a second
  • chelated magnesium ok, but not ideal; magnesium citrate may be up to 20% absorbed
  • ionized magnesium is best
  • ReMag* is pico-metered sized ionized magnesium (1 billionth) goes right into cells, processing is stable enough; better than intravenous
    • *Note: We do not receive affiliate sales from Dr. Carolyn Dean’s websites


What is the WholeApproach® Candida Protocol?

  • The WholeApproach® Protocol is a five-phase natural product protocol that has been successfully used at the East West Clinic in Minnesota for the treatment of Candidiasis (a systemic yeast overgrowth also known as CRC – Candida Related Complex). You can read about the WholeApproach® Protocol on this web site and in more detail in the book, “Conquering Yeast Infections, the Non-Drug Solution for Men and Women” by S. Colet Lahoz (Director of the East West Clinic). The WholeApproach® Protocol is based on the core program developed by Andrew Gutauskus, a Canadian Pharmacist and CEO of Attogram Corporation. All products listed below are available in the WholeApproach® Store <> .

    What are the five phases of the WholeApproach® Protocol?
    The first two phases of the protocol utilize a colon cleansing drink that starts treating the candida where it originates, in the colon. The drink consists of three products that are described below. Because of its powerful absorptive and cleansing impact, it has been affectionately dubbed, the ‘Purge Drink’. This drink can be continued throughout all phases of the protocol.

     – First three months: The ‘Purge Drink’ is made up of the combination of liquid Bentonite, Psyllium husk & seed blend, water and Caproyl (liquid suspended caprylic acid.) A high quality Acidophilus Probiotic Blend is taken separately on an empty stomach. The Attogram brand is superior to other brands in effectiveness as well as ease of mixing without getting too thick or lumpy and is the best initial cleanse. The Attogram Psyllium Husk and Seed Blend is smooth mixing, high quality, contaminant-free psyllium product. When mixed with the Bentonite liquid it is an important support during the initial colon cleanse because it soaks up mycotoxins that are produced as the yeast and fungus are killed off. This results in a much more comfortable cleanse with the minimum Die Off  <> symptoms.

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