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Learn why you are likely deficient in magnesium and how taking a supplement may help you sleep better, reduce your stress, and get you off all your pills. Get advice straight from the doctor on how much to take, when to take magnesium, and what symptoms magnesium may help with.

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1) Why magnesium is important for our bodies? Dr. Carolyn Dean, for a simple non-technical answer –

2) How your childs asthma or body cramping may relate to a magnesium deficiency at birth due to mom being deficient? Learn more here. (

3) Listen to Dr. Dean’s advice on how to ensure safe interactions with other medications if you are magnesium deficient (

4) Want the doctor’s advice on how much magnesium to take and how often? Dr. Carolyn Dean explains more on how much you should take, and how to get started here:

5) What form of magnesium should you take? Don’t be discouraged if you take one of the above forms and it gives you diarrhea. Dr. Dean cautions that magnesium carbonate, chloride, gluconate, and oxide (least expensive, but only 4% absorption) often cause diarrhea. That symptom just means that you should try a different form. Dr. Carolyn Dean talks about the limitations of magnesium oxide and more about the forms of magnesium to take here (

5) Why negative magnesium responses have to do with withdrawal? Hear from Dr. Dean why experiencing withdrawal symptoms from your meds may make you feel worse when you start magnesium here.

6) How are calcium and magnesium related? VIDEO: Dr. Dean explains why calcium contracts the muscles while magnesium relaxes the muscles and the resulting heart pain, high blood pressure and insomnia here (

7) How can magnesium help constipation? Constipation can happen because the muscles don’t move the content around. Tight muscles result in a tightening of your anal sphincter. Watch here for more:

8) How is magnesium related to sleep? VIDEO: It has been reported that taking a few doses of magnesium will result in your first good night’s sleep in years. A dose of Magnesium can take affect within minutes. Learn more here (

9) How can magnesium help your migraines?  Carolyn describes why magnesium helps with migraines and how it balances hormones and relaxes muscles ( Check out another video interview here:

10) How can magnesium help with anxiety? Dr. Carolyn talks about how she has helped her clients handle anxiety, even if they’ve been on anxiety pills for several years. The magnesium works on the adrenal glands and helps calm the flight or fright system that is too easily triggered. Check out more here (

11) How is magnesium related to cholesterol? Dr. Carolyn Dean talks about a side effect for Statin, how it affects your hormone level, and how fluoride-based drugs can further worsen your magnesium deficiency. Get more information here (

12) Why can’t we rely on magnesium in our food? Dr. Carolyn explains why foods contain less magnesium here (

13) How Dr. Carolyn Dean weaned her patients off meds?  Dr. Dean explains how she’s weaned patients off of their medications here:

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  1. Good morning I have just recently ordered Remag. For me and my wife and before I start taking it there’s an RBC test should I order it before me and my wife start the remag. Just asking

    • Hi, Jeff – it’s not necessary to take the Mag RBC test but it’s a good benchmark for people who require that level of validation. Many people are comfortable just using the product and monitoring their progress as their symptoms improve or disappear 🙂 GINNEY

      • Thank for your advice.I just found your answer to my question from you
        I started Remag 1/27/16 1/2 tsp morning 1/2 night . In the morning with himalayan salt. Im 60

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