Adrenal Fatigue – Recover Naturally — Carolyn Dean MD ND

Adrenal Fatigue is a stress-related condition that occurs when the adrenal glands, hypothalamus and pituitary gland (together – the HPA axis) are functioning below their optimal level. Although you might not have heard of the adrenals, they perform several vital roles in maintaining your health. Most importantly, they control your body’s response to stress by releasing hormones like cortisol, DHEA and epinephrine, which are used to regulate your heart rate, immune system, energy storage and more.

When the adrenal glands are overstimulated for a long period of time, they begin to weaken. Typical causes of Adrenal Fatigue include long term stress, diet or even prolonged use of antibiotics or pharmaceuticals. Eventually, the adrenals weaken so much that they are unable to respond adequately when we need them. Fortunately, the good news is that Adrenal Fatigue can be corrected with some basic minerals and a change in diet.  Tonight, Dr. Carolyn Dean outlines her protocol for adrenal fatigue and thyroid insufficiency as well ask taking questions from our callers.

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  1. Well now, have just discovered the scope of Dr. Deans offerings. Do like what I’m seeing and reading. What I’ve been searching for though, is information for, and on, the ‘needs; of a dialysis patient. Yes, is information on ‘avoiding dialysis’, but scant data for one that is on dialysis. From what I’m reading here, is saying I’m on the right track in using minerals, but how to properly get the correct ratio’s for those that are restricted, for one on dialysis. So much of the information from dialysis nutritionists and nephrologists seem to conflict with what I’m reading regards use of minerals.

    • Yes, Dr. Dean’s resources are vast! Dr. Dean isn’t in the position of ‘prescribing’ for the public – however! That’s the catch 🙂 If you are a customer of the Completement Formulas there are several ways you can work with her to figure out how to ‘tweek’ your formulas – one of which is to call into the show on Monday and the other of which is to email – please include your current protocol and how much of the Completement Formula mineral solutions you are using! GINNEY

  2. I am a 60 yr old dialysis patient doing home hemo for 4 years now, and have been discouraged all along to avoid magnesium supplementation. I began to develop heart palpitations that I attributed to the anemic state they insist on keeping us in. I do believe that was a contributing factor, and was able to gain an override on my Hgb goal (>12). But still the heartbeat irregularities continued. I was a medical researcher in my working life and so began looking into this, and found Dr. Dean’s explanation of why dialysis patients actually need magnesium. I ordered her ReMag and started out conservatively, once or twice/week. Right away my palpitations were greatly improved. It was such a relief because they were keeping me awake at night. Over time I have come to need one capful at bedtime, ~300mg. I just had a serum Mg drawn so will soon know where that stands, but do understand it is not a real reflection of cellular levels. I can tell that it is absorbed very quickly, at bedtime I may have some beat irregularities, I take some of the magnesium solution and within minutes my heart is back to a normal beat, like magic! But it is really like science, the heart is being starved for magnesium, and most people end up going to a cardiologist who will put them on antiarrythmia meds like Digoxin or many others. And then the downward spiral to demise since most dialysis patients die from heart complications…well I wonder why!

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