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It’s hard to ignore the illustrious health benefits of magnesium and mineral supplementation – it boosts your mood, relieves stress, helps you control your weight, promotes healthy heart function and keeps your body strong and fit. It’s even likely that you don’t have a ‘chronic disease’ you just have a magnesium or mineral deficiency! On tonight’s show we hear from listeners and callers from around the world who are overcoming their ‘chronic’ condition with a very simple, effective magnesium, and mineral protocol.

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  1. I have been having palos labeled in holter monitor as benign PACs extra beats. Did much research on mag and been taking mag taurate for a week and it was working but had a few eispodes today that made me so sad please help me. Also I took a calcium/mag/vitamin d liquid between the two doses of taurate is that good or bad?

    • Hello! Thank you for your email -You have reached GINNEY in Customer Support for I do not provide medical advise but I can tell you where to find your own answers within our established books, articles and information.

      Believe it or not – your situation is very common. Many individuals contact Dr. Dean when they discover that magnesium supplementation is critical for well being.

      Until now, many individuals would start using magnesium but could not get enough to relieve the symptoms and also you get the laxative effect from the type of magnesium you are taking.

      For example, on mag citrate and glycinate – these are just a magnesium compound wherein the ions of each element – magnesium and chloride constantly ionize and then bind together. When they are bound together they are not absorbed into the cells. With this type of product the best cellular absorption is probably about 20%. So, you think you’re getting 600 mg when you’re really only getting 120 mgs!

      This is why Dr. Carolyn Dean came out with her own brand of magnesium, ReMag and most of our radio programming, customer support etc is geared toward people who are using ReMag! So, what I am going to suggest is that you consider using ReMag therapeutically for your heart rhythm issue. In the meantime, with the mag taurate, you’ll want to get therapeutic doses of the product you are using and also be sure to read Dr. Dean’s article “When Magnesium Makes Me Worse”.

      ALSO…read the free e-booklet, Invisible Minerals Part 1 – Magnesium – which will probably give you lots of insights as well – you can get that book right here on this website under the “BOOKS” section of our blog.

      If you have any additional questions, please email

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