Feeling Strong and Confident — Dr. Carolyn Dean

Confidence can make or break a lot of things. People who are sure of themselves tend to do better at interviews, on dates, and in accomplishing tasks. Not only can confidence can get you a job, or a fun date for Friday night but confidence can put you in a position to improve your health and heal you body quickly! For individuals with chronic conditions like A-Fib or reoccurring pain, confidence can also refer to trusting yourself, taking positive and healthy actions, and having full expectations that desirable health outcomes can be achieved. Tonight, on our radio show we talk with customers who have become confident that they can control and manage their health outcomes using magnesium and mineral supplementation plus great information on how to use our products and protocols.

Resource: Pau D’Arco tea – Traditional Medicinals

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  1. This has nothing to do with today’s program, but I can’t find the answer to this question. I HAVE been looking…really I have! Question: can lemon juice and grated ginger disrupt the positive effects/actions of the ReMag and ReMyte. I’ve been adding it to the salted water daily along with the minerals, and it’s pretty tasty! Just read on Facebook that Morely Robbins doesn’t recommend magnesium citrate, and I wondered if the addition of the lemon juice would somehow turn the magnesium in ReMag into the citrate form?

    • Hi, Cheryl – no worries with the ReMag – lemon and ginger are just fine 🙂 ReMag is a food and is compatible with…food! Thanks for listening. GINNEY

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