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“I’ve been so sick for so long but when I read your book I just starting crying and I thought, ‘oh, my god, that’s so like me’ and the solution can be so simple.” Major stress and magnesium deficiency are the cause of many ‘symptoms’ which individuals are being told are ‘diseases’…isn’t it great to know that you may just have a simple magnesium deficiency that can be easily, effectively resolved by appropriate magnesium supplementation instead of a chronic condition that sounds like not a lot of fun? On tonight’s show, Dr. Carolyn Dean runs down the truth about magnesium, minerals and how to provide your body with the basic building blocks it requires for optimal function…and FUN!!!

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  1. How do I listen to the archives? I see the list of directions below the topic paragraphs but I don’t know what I am supposed to “right click”? Thank you. I have the “Magnesium Miracle” book and just ordered the ReMag. My blood pressure has been quite high and although I have been taking about 700 mgs of a highly-absorbable quality magnesium supplement for about ten days, my bp has been crazy eradict. I am not on any bp meds as this is a recent development that has just been caught. However, I have hereditary heart issues( aortic valve and mitral valve deterioration with my dad and his brothers). At this point I am going to start bp meds because I’m so anxious about this but I will continue to work with the magnesium to be able to eventually just wean off the medicine. Wish I could talk to Dr. Dean personally.

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