Viral Google-itis — Dr. Carolyn Dean

Leave it to Dr. Carolyn Dean to recognize yet another challenge people may face when discovering the power of magnesium, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrient-based protocols for body, mind, and spirit. It’s called Viral Google-itis – a condition that occurs when you find yourself absorbed in an endless stream of tweets, texts, emails, articles on Facebook, posts on support forums and viral videos we can’t help but click on when we are worried about what’s happening and how to get and feel better. Viral Google-itis is an increasing problem both for folks who are relying on Google-based articles and information for their health and vitality but end up getting lots of conflicting information that prevents or prohibits powerful decision making.  On tonight’s show we’ll be talking about Viral Google-itis as well as how to cipher internet based health advise from pop-up experts and amateurs to your benefit.  Plus, Total Biology – the conflict basis of disease on jaws and teeth disease and much more!

Total Biology Resources

Biogenealogy – Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness

When the Body Says No – Gabor Mate


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  1. Hi Dr Dean,
    I was really impressed with your info until I came across this Disclaimer.

    “We do not treat, diagnose, cure, or attempt to prevent disease and no advice or claims made by the customers who left us testimonials in any way indicates or suggests any implied result of using our products. Results will vary. No statements contained in any of the audio/video/written testimonials have been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to represent the individuals or companies featured on this website in any way, representing any claims of results or attempting to prevent, cure, treat, or diagnose disease.”

    I loved reading testimonials from your patients and thought you were encouraging them to post positive results only to find out that you don’t actually believe anything your telling us.

    My Migraine just came back……

    Please explain

  2. Hi, Margaret – sooo sorry – this comment was buried in our blog spam file! Since you’re in Australia perhaps you aren’t aware of the constant scrutiny that Dr. Dean faces as a MD, ND with a product line – so what we say is true – the FDA hasn’t evaluated any of our customer testimonials! We also literally can’t suggest any benefit – that’s how silly it is – but it’s true so that’s our disclaimer and what we try to do! That is why Dr. Dean provides so much information in the form of books and radio show – people can educate themselves and make their own choice! Hope this helps.

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