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Did you know that the human gut is classically defined as the sinuses in the
nose, all the way to the pharynx, the esophagus and include the pulmonary
vasculature in the pulmonary system where the lungs do their work as a similar
membrane. Then, keep going down the esophagus and down into the stomach, small
intestines, colon, rectum. That huge neural network that controls that inner
skin of the gut is really an imperative aspect of health and well being that
is coming into the public discourse now.

As part of that conversation the dynamics of gut health are being understood in
new and wonderful ways! Even mainstream medicine is beginning to acknowledge
that bacteria within this internal landscape seem to be critical to neural
regulation and neural health. And, many individuals are now realizing that if
you have some strains of bacteria in your gut, you’re more prone to mood
disorders, schizophrenia and the like. If you have other bacteria or you lack
some sort of bacteria, you can develop anxiety disorders and metabolic changes
and all sorts of things.

Tonight on Live with Dr. Carolyn Dean we’ll be talking about the gut and all
dynamics therein as well taking calls from listeners from around the world, and
answering YOUR email questions during our weekly Mail Bag segment. Join us this
evening, and every Monday evening, to gain valuable information, suggestions,
and insights about your health choices as well as take-aways that you can
discuss with your doctor should you choose.

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