Update on The Magnesium Miracle

Parathyroid glands control the amount of calcium in our blood and bones. About 1 in 100 people (1 in 50 women over 50) develop a parathyroid gland tumor during their lifetime causing parathyroid disease, called: “hyperparathyroidism”. Hyperparathyroidism is a destructive disease that causes high blood calcium–which leads to serious health problems. On tonight’s show Dr. Carolyn Dean speaks at length about the newest edition of The Magnesium Miracle which features a segment on how high calcium levels can mimic magnesium deficiency and what to do about it. PLUS – excellent caller interactions, great information, several case studies and much more!


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  1. Hyper is to much
    My family suffers from hypo parathyroidism
    which is not enough.
    Have you had anyone improve from hypo
    I’ve learned that the body can heal itself.
    But my family members were born with it not being fully developed causing a deficiency called hypo parathyroidism.
    Do you know of any cases where the para was able to heal and complete it’s development and do what it’s created to do in making the PTH hormones.

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