ReMineralize Your Heart

Atrial Fibrillation, an electrical disruption of the rhythm of the heart, is occurring in epidemic proportions. Medicine says there is no cure and only offers drugs and surgery for the symptoms. Because of her own heart palpitations, Dr. Carolyn Dean searched for an effective treatment for many years. That treatment she found is based on the right kind of magnesium – one that doesn’t give you a laxative effect – well-absorbed multiple minerals and proper hydration with water and sea salt or Himalayan salt. Giving your heart the necessary minerals overcomes the electrical disruption and balances your heart rhythm. Atrial Fibrillation: Remineralize Your Heart walks you through the possible triggers for this condition and uncovers their basis in magnesium deficiency. Numerous case histories help you realize that you don’t necessarily have a heart condition, you have a magnesium deficiency condition that can be treated. Tonight on the show we hear from CB, one of the primary contributors to the ReMineralize Your Heart booklet who shares her heart and testimonial with our listeners about how to use ReMag and ReMyte to eliminate a-fib symptoms and start fully enjoying life!


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    • Hi, Carol – glad you said something – we love talking with our customers about the price of ReMag!

      Over the years of working with the products, seeing the miraculous results people are getting and knowing how much work goes into providing the support we provide – including free access to a doctor – we think the product is really well priced. BUT – I took it one step further and I did a financial comparison of a powdered magnesium citrate and ReMag. This other product is the top selling retail brand of magnesium in the country at $24.59 through Vitacost. Although the product bottle contains 32,500 mg of magnesium only 20% of that is absorbed – so you get about 6,500 mg in that bottle. However, ReMag is priced at $29.99 and has 14,400 mg that is 100% absorbed = 14,400 mg.

      ReMag has twice the amount of absorbed magnesium as other brands – which basically makes it half the price of other magnesium products. And, it saves lives – so there’s that 🙂

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