Magnesium, Inflammation and Nerve Function

Let’s talk about magnesium and nerve function. If you don’t have enough magnesium or if there is too much calcium, your muscles and nerves suffer. Since most doctors don’t know the simple physiology of muscles and nerves they never consider magnesium deficiency in their diagnoses.

Just this week we received an email from a customer who was convinced of a diagnosis of neuralgia and even related the diagnosis to a herpes virus or compromised cerebrospinal fluid. Neuralgia can be any nerve in the body being inflamed – and the ultimate cause of inflammation is magnesium deficiency.

Through her own admission, the customer said so many of her other symptoms have gone away and she is so much better on the formulas but a lack of patience and Viral Googilities drove her to ‘find’ a ‘reason’ for the last little bit of muscle and nerve function symptom she is experiencing and neuralgia is what she came up with.

Tonight on our internet radio show, we review the benefits of magnesium and minerals on the cells, nerves and body in general!


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I was a small property ravaged by a storm. The fine weather has returned. The forest and the river have become calm. The house is vibrant and shines in the sun. And above all, the field is returning to its order, health and beauty. Thank you my diseased/depleted organs, for I know you have done all this to save my whole being. And thanks to myself for doing my healing.

Repeat this 10 times, 3X/day. To be repeated 10 times in the morning (before getting up), around lunch time for another 10 times; and 10 times at night (just before falling asleep) … To be repeated in a calm and relaxing atmosphere, in the darkness … To be verbalized with consciousness. Take the time to visualize and identify each symbol as clearly as possible. Write down any dreams that you remember!

GENERAL AFFIRMATION: I am filled with love and understanding.

STRATEGY: To break the links to past illness, listen to the “Time to Say Goodbye”

STRATEGY: The link breaker: Walnut – Bach Flower Remedy

“I break all links that hinder my growth.”

Dosage: 5-10 drops three times a day


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