Acetaldehyde Toxicity – Summertime Blues?

Summer may bring increased exposure to more than just the sun. Summer gives us longer days, BBQs, pool parties, campfires, more alcohol and sweet beverages, road trips with the car windows and top down, and home improvements. Harmless as they seem, these factors and more increase our exposure to multiple environmental toxins. One particular toxin that affects millions in the population is acetaldehyde.

Acetaldehyde belongs to the larger chemical family of aldehydes, which are pervasive environmental toxins. The human body possesses enzymes that convert it to a less-harmful substance and therefore is protected from small exposures. However, acetaldehyde at toxic levels can make its way into the brain from sources such as alcohol consumption,breathing air contaminated with acetaldehyde from cigarette and other smoke, smog, vehicle and factory exhaust, synthetic fragrances and perhaps the most common of all, Candida sp. (yeast) overgrowth.

Yes, for many women and their families, the exposure route to toxic acetaldehyde levels is through its production by the opportunistic yeast, Candida albicans. In small numbers, this yeast may be kept in check in the gut by the immune system and friendly bacteria such as Lactobacillus sp. and Bifidobacterium sp. But in many adults and children, increasing carbohydrates, especially sweets, will cause chronic Candidiasis. Candida produces acetaldehyde in the GI tract by sugar fermentation. The typical American diet along with drug and antibiotic therapies, hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid), chronic stress, environmental toxins, etc. have altered gut integrity and immunity and predisposed millions of people to yeast overgrowth or the “Candida Syndrome.” A person with this condition who also drinks beer, wine or liqueurs not only produces acetaldehyde from the alcohol but also delivers more sugar for yeast production of acetaldehyde, creating a double-barreled dose. Acetaldehyde produced in the gut can eventually reach more parts of the body, flooding the system and increasing the risk for damage.

Acetaldehyde toxicity can be acute or chronic. In order to stop this toxicity, levels of key nutrients that metabolize and clear acetaldehyde must be adequate. Some of these nutrients are cofactors to the enzymes that metabolize acetaldehyde and others, such as sulfur-containing compounds, are necessary to scavenge or “mop up” any stray un-metabolized acetaldehyde. Supplementation with specific nutrients offers an important level of prevention and protection from toxicity.

Tonight on Live with Dr. Carolyn Dean we will be talking about Acetaldehyde Toxicity – Avoiding the Summertime Blues and the nutrients you can use to your benefit to lower your risk of chronic exposure to this all-too-familiar toxin. Plus, in hour two you’ll hear a great exchange with Dr. Dean and Roman from North Carolina who shares his testimonial on how ReMag and ReMyte have ReMineralized His Heart:

Dr Carolyn Dean saved my life!!! I’ve had heart arrhythmias since I was 18 years old with anxiety and panic attacks. I also suffered with depersonalization and vertigo. I have been on many many meds for heart and panic disorder they helped some but the problem never resolved. At 50 years of age I was put in hospital with 200 bpm heart rate A-fib and Svt. I was in hospital for 3 days was released and started taking beta blockers and anxiety meds! The meds helped some but did not stop the panic and racing heart which made it impossible to work in my business,unloading my truck full of sound gear for shows! I was totally disabled from working and racked up huge amounts of debt going to emergency room to treat terrifying high heartbeats and pvcs, afib and svt!I finally found The Magnesium Miracle book online!! I read it followed Dr. Dean’s program and started getting some relief! It has been a year now following her program taking my ReMag and ReMyte in a liter of water sipping it thru the whole day with 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt mixed in and regular water 1 liter with 1/4th teaspoon of Celtic sea salt to keep hydrated for my weight. I did about 2 liters of regular water and 1 liter of my Pico minerals and ReMag for almost a year now has made a world of difference. I can now work! Unload and load my truck again no svt and very little A-fib! It went from walking a cross the house brought on A-fib to now it’s becoming very rare! The svt is totally gone very little A-fib left I have not reached a year yet on the program Dr. Dean said it could take a year or more to get well, boy was she right! It takes a while to overcome magnesium deficiency but when you start getting your cellular magnesium levels back up the improvements are unbelievable! The customer service is wonderful they answered all my questions and were very helpful and nursed me thru the tough times. Plus I got to talk to and ask Dr. Dean questions on the radio show she was always attentive and very helpful in answering questions!! I highly recommend Dr. Dean to anyone suffering with physical issues. I take ReMag and ReMyte plus ReAline and the RnA drops. I thank God every day that I read Dr. Dean’s book and talked with her on her show she gave me my life back!!! It does not happen overnight but improvement comes in steps as your body gets its levels of minerals built back up! 5 stars are not enough stars to rate Dr Dean. She is my life saver I’m forever grateful to her.


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