Testing and Fixing Magnesium Deficiency

Great video for Paleo, Optimal and Bio-hackers!

  • Magnesium is involved in 700-800 different enzyme systems within our bodies (05:09).
  • Diverse roles of magnesium (05:33).
  • Magnesium has a “push-pull relationship” with calcium.  Calcium causes muscles to contract, while magnesium relaxes muscles (05:41).
  • 80% of the population is not getting the recommended daily allowance of magnesium (07:25).
  • There are two reasons for this common micro-nutrient deficiency: (1) The soil doesn’t have magnesium. (2) There is more stress/higher demands of magnesium going on (07:37).
  • Medications, diet choices, and water sources can “bump” away, deplete storages, and bind to magnesium (08:47).
  • Amount of magnesium required to metabolize table sugar and high fructose corn syrup (08:54).
  • Common electrolyte products do not replenish magnesium (09:54).
  • Neither farmers nor organic farmers replenish the soil with minerals. Farmers would need to use rock dust on the soil to do this(11:09).
  • The soil is much lower in magnesium currently compared to ancient times due to: (1) overuse of the top soil and (2) the recycled water we use today has not undergone micronutrient accumulation (11:54).
  • When fluoride (a molecule found throughout our environment) and magnesium bind – a compound of magnesium fluoride called sellaite is created (13:15).
  • Sellaite is able to replace the magnesium found in bone and cartilage, overall making bones more prone to fracturing (13:30).
  • 20% of prescription drugs have added fluoride molecules to assist in drug delivery to the cell (13:49).
  • The highest amount of magnesium can be found in the heart (14:36).
  • Explanation of the magnesium depletion cycle (16:01).
  • Dr. Carolyn Dean defines terminology: skipped beat, arrhythmia, and palpitations (18:35).
  • Additional symptoms of magnesium deficiencies (20:45).
  • There are many seemingly unique symptoms or symptom combinations that can appear in a magnesium deficiency. The appearance of these symptoms is based on the individual and that individual’s vulnerable areas (23:45).
  • Doctors and specialists often see and treat the various symptoms individually, and may be unable to put it all together as a magnesium deficiency (24:14).
  • Magnesium deficiencies have contributed to ending the careers of professional athletes due to severe muscle cramps (26:20).
  • Advice Dr. Carolyn Dean gives to parents of teen athletes on muscle cramps (26:44).
  • The typical test administered by doctors is the blood serum magnesium test.(27:57).
  • The red blood cell magnesium test (28:09).
  • The gold standard test is the ionized magnesium test (28:24).
  • Like many lab tests, the blood range of the tests represents the average of the population and the not the optimum (30:15).
  • What to use and how to track your own magnesium (35:30).
  • Reasons why some people feel better taking magnesium and then feel it is no longer helping (38:00).
  • How to slowly introduce magnesium, tracking symptoms and/or RBC measurements as they increase slowly and steadily (38:24).
  • The dynamic between treating the symptoms of magnesium deficiency and other medications (39:24).
  • Table salt compared to sea salt (41:40).
  • Magnesium sources through the skin (42:48).
  • If one is taking a magnesium supplement able to be properly absorbed, then it should not produce the laxative effect (44:58).
  • Foods high in magnesium (46:48).
  • How many milligrams of calcium Dr. Carolyn Dean recommends (47:22).
  • Once treated, feeling symptomatically better can occur overnight, within a week or after several months depending on various factors (51:29).
  • Herbicides and pesticide can also bind up minerals found in the soil (55:17).
  • Discussion of German New Medicine and Total Biology (57:16).
  • Dr. Carolyn Dean does not track biomarkers on a routine basis (57:30).
  • Dr. Carolyn Dean’s one biggest recommendation on using body data to improve your health, longevity and performance is to track magnesium (58:50).

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    I find very much truth in my body with knowing the symptoms, listening to the many voices and the doctors examinations to be a life transforming plan.
    In believing that ONE Creator made solutions of nutrition our sustaining life cycle, I recommend to everyone I know to get ReMag and see for themselves while listening to their body what a difference in living can be…

    WTG Dr Dean, Ginney and all who are behind this magnificent mineral!!!

  2. Please tell I am very interested in giving all of the benefits of magnesium to a German relative…is your translation available yet for this language??

    • Hello, Isabella! No, we have not yet translated this info German – you can buy Dr. Dean’s book The Magnesium Miracle on Amazon – I wonder if they have a translator built into Kindle?

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