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ReMineralize Your Heart v3 2017

Doctor, naturopath, and best-selling author Dr. Carolyn Dean has helped thousands of people regain their health, vitality, and well-being through her natural approach to medicine. Her newest book, Atrial Fibrillation: Remineralize Your Heart, delivers a powerful message of hope for people who suffer from Atrial Fibrillation or other heart rhythm irregularities. Anyone seeking safe solutions for heart-related symptoms like atrial fibrillation MUST purchase and read this book.

 Charlotte, NC – Atrial Fibrillation, an electrical disruption of the rhythm of the heart, is occurring in epidemic proportions. Medicine says there is no cure and only offers drugs and surgery for the symptoms. Atrial Fibrillation: Remineralize Your Heart walks you through the possible triggers for this condition and uncovers their basis in magnesium deficiency. Numerous case histories help you realize that you don’t necessarily have a heart condition; you have a magnesium deficiency condition that can be treated.

Released in 2015 through Amazon Books, this powerful presentation has been published and enthusiastically received around the world. Consider these powerful comments from readers:

“A timely book for so many of us with atrial fibrillation. Well written and packed with valuable information you are not likely to get from a conventionally trained cardiologist. A must-read for anyone with a-fib”

“I’ve tried many forms of magnesium for my AFib but it was only when I began using Dr. Dean’s ReMag that my problem was solved.”

“I liked the extensive information that described several health conditions that have bothered people that I love. Did you know that asleep apnea or seizures or atrial fibrillation and many other conditions can be due to low levels of magnesium? The information in this book is invaluable for taking control of your own health.”

“Dr. Dean has given me the exact treatment protocol that she, herself, created, and it’s cured my Atrial Fibrillation.”

Atrial Fibrillation – Remineralize Your Heart offers peace of mind to those who desire to be free of panic, stress, and uncertainty due to AFib, tachycardia and similar heart dysfunctions. Readers will be encouraged to learn that they may not have a chronic disease but may simply be deficient in magnesium. Readers will be impressed with Dr. Dean’s research, clear readable language, recent case studies, and easy to follow recommendations on how to achieve a similar result.

UPDATE:  After just one year in release Remineralize Your Heart has helped thousands of people recover from their magnesium deficiency and eliminate the symptoms associated with heart rhythm issues.  On May 16, 2016, Roman from North Carolina spoke his compelling testimonial on Dr. Dean’s weekly radio program, Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE on

Dr Carolyn Dean saved my life!!! I’ve had heart arrhythmias since I was 18 years old with anxiety and panic attacks. I also suffered with depersonalization and vertigo. I have been on many many meds for heart and panic disorder they helped some but the problem never resolved. At 50 years of age I was put in hospital with 200 bpm heart rate A-fib and Svt. I was in hospital for 3 days was released and started taking beta blockers and anxiety meds! The meds helped some but did not stop the panic and racing heart which made it impossible to work in my business,unloading my truck full of sound gear for shows! I was totally disabled from working and racked up huge amounts of debt going to emergency room to treat terrifying high heartbeats and pvcs, afib and svt!I finally found The Magnesium Miracle book online!! I read it followed Dr. Dean’s program and started getting some relief! It has been a year now following her program taking my ReMag and ReMyte in a liter of water sipping it thru the whole day with 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt mixed in and regular water 1 liter with 1/4th teaspoon of Celtic sea salt to keep hydrated for my weight. I did about 2 liters of regular water and 1 liter of my Pico minerals and ReMag for almost a year now has made a world of difference. I can now work! Unload and load my truck again no svt and very little A-fib! It went from walking a cross the house brought on A-fib to now it’s becoming very rare! The svt is totally gone very little A-fib left I have not reached a year yet on the program Dr. Dean said it could take a year or more to get well, boy was she right! It takes a while to overcome magnesium deficiency but when you start getting your cellular magnesium levels back up the improvements are unbelievable! The customer service is wonderful they answered all my questions and were very helpful and nursed me thru the tough times. Plus I got to talk to and ask Dr. Dean questions on the radio show she was always attentive and very helpful in answering questions!! I highly recommend Dr. Dean to anyone suffering with physical issues. I take ReMag and ReMyte plus ReAline and the RnA drops. I thank God every day that I read Dr. Dean’s book and talked with her on her show she gave me my life back!!! It does not happen overnight but improvement comes in steps as your body gets its levels of minerals built back up! 5 stars are not enough stars to rate Dr Dean. She is my life saver I’m forever grateful to her.

More about Dr. Carolyn Dean – Dr. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor, naturopath, clinical nutritionist, formulator and master of many healing modalities such as acupuncture and homeopathy. Dr. Dean is an accomplished author, speaker, lecturer and media figure, having been featured on radio and television for over 25 years. In addition to the recognition lavished on her by her readers, customers and clients, Dr. Dean has received several prestigious awards including “The Arrhythmia Alliance Outstanding Medical Contribution to Cardiac Rhythm Management Services Award 2012” at The Heart Rhythm Congress organized by The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), Sept 23-26, 2012 and the Integrative Medicine Award presented at the Sacred Fire Gala in September, 2014.


Consolidates these various radio show programs into one quick, easy to listen to program:


Referenced radio shows in order of appearance:

Archive 8-5-13 Hour 1: 41:50 – 48:33


  • Caller with Afib
  • Electrolytes needed for heart
  • Iodine for thyroid imbalance causing arrhythmia
  • Normal magnesium Level 6.0-6.5 mg per deciliter
  • Highest amount of magnesium in the body is in the heart

Archive 9-2-13 Hour 2: 37:50-47:00


  • Caller with afib
  • 2 tsp of remag per day
  • Levels of magnesium at higher end
  • Doctors don’t test magnesium and always think it’s normal

Archive 10-7-13 Hour 1: 10:00 – 18:15


  • Using ReAlign
  • Highest levels of mag. In the heart
  • Fluoride binds magnesium out of body
  • Taking Complement formulas and you don’t need more than that

Archive 10-7-13 Hour 1: 48:45 – 53:24


  • Drug store giving wrong drug dosage

Archive 6-23-14 Hour 2: 28:55 – 34:35


  • Arrhythmia testimonial

Archive 2-22-16 Hour 1: 3:30 – 10:10


  • Testimonial

**Archive 2-22-16 Hour 1: 5:39 – 10:10


  • Testimonial on afib

-14:36- The highest amount of magnesium can be found in the heart (14:36-19:40)

Archive 6-6-16 Hour 1: 15:45-22:22-34:40


  • Magnesium deficiency is common in heart disease
  • Weaning off meds
  • Avoiding meds with fluoride
  • Worsening of magnesium deficiency
  • Afib caused by magnesium deficiency
  • Pumping of the heart
  • Percentage of blood seeping out of the heart
  • Magnesium oxide is 4% absorbed

Archive 6-6-16 Hour 2: 4:30- 8:47


  • High blood pressure drugs and stress

29:28 – 30:51

  • Nattokinase blood thinner for heart palpitation

Archive 3-14-16 Hour 1: 3:20- 7:47


  • Drugs causing magnesium deficiency
  • Mag. relieves hard rhythm symptoms
  • Mag is a food required for life

Archive 27:47- 29:40

  • Help from the afib book
  • Remag is the mineral that will support your heart

Archive 3-14-16 Hour 2: 3:48- 7:30


  • Arrhythmia and anxiety
  • Water and sea salt for heart
  • Whole complement line for heart problems
  • Recommendation for afib book
  • Atrial tachycardia

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  1. I am so glad to have this information and I’m telling everyone they have hope with ReMag and Completement solutions! Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to learn more on biology and RNA Dr Dean!

  2. I have had irregular heartbeat for 25 years been on beta blockers minerals acupuncture and cardiologist every doctor imaginable my life is miserable. Stumbled over your book I’ve read it I’ve been taking magnesium various forms except oxide and it has been working but I’m still getting the arrhythmia once in awhile. I just ordered your remag online I hope that does fix the problem.

  3. Thanks for your info, I have been taking Re Meg for 3 months now and am able to walk for an hour every day after 3 heart attacks and receiving 5 stints, I am off my statins and down to 3 pills instead of 6

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