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Magnesium – A Natural Anxiety Reducer – Carolyn Dean MD ND

Anxiety can affect our lives dramatically. In a time when our society is more stressed than ever before, feelings of anxiety have become an everyday occurrence in many people’s lives. Because of this, natural anxiety remedies are more relevant than ever. Magnesium, a vital mineral nutrient, is perhaps one of the most important natural anxiety remedies because of its effectiveness, record of safe use, availability and value.

Anxiety Overview
Anxiety is the result of your natural fight-or-flight response being activated when it shouldn’t be. Whether it’s stress on the job, financial pressures, relationship issues, or domestic headlines like the one in Dallas, Texas this past week, when circumstances make us feel out of control our sense of survival is threatened. When that happens adrenaline is released in order to increase strength and speed, blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate are increased to pump more oxygen to muscles, and our brains start to limit higher thinking and focus solely on how to survive the threat or threats at hand.

Unfortunately, many people will choose to medicate their flight or fight response with alcohol or prescription medication but those solutions create anxieties of their own! It’s bad enough that national headlines and personal challenges have ramped up your stress – the last thing you want to be anxious about the side effect of your anxiety medication!

That’s why magnesium is one of the most popular choices for anxiety relief. And, with a therapeutic brand like Dr. Dean’s Pico-meter ReMag Magnesium Solution, you have several advantages that prescription medications simply do not. These include:

Simple to Use – Magnesium is a wonderful effective solution for people who occasionally need help or relief from anxiety and stress. ReMag is easy to purchase, causes no side effects, has no addiction risk, and can be moderated simply and effectively.

Withdrawal Free –Magnesium is simply side effect free. That’s a huge advantage compared to modern prescription medications like benzodiazepines, which have a severe withdrawal risk.

Maintain Control – Magnesium does not cause any personality changes like alcohol and prescription drugs do. They don’t overwhelm your mind and cause severe fatigue or cause you to feel no anxiety at times when you should be experience anxiety. You’ll still be you as you use ReMag and able to function fully, enjoy your life and be anxiety-free to boot!


Anxiety Relief Proof: Hi Ginney & Dr. Dean,

I just finished listening to the archived radio show regarding magnesium and anxiety. I recall a point where people were looking for proof or studies as to the efficacy of magnesium supplementation for the relief of anxiety. Well here’s my testimony.

I’ve written you before discussing some of the improvements in my health but the most remarkable change is in the level of anxiety I experience.

I’m 59 years old and have suffered from extreme anxiety and panic attacks since the age of 25. It began at a time when I had been working about 4 years at a job that was very physically demanding. In the summer, I’d sweat so much my shirts would be streaked with what I assumed at the time was simply salt. In retrospect, I’d imagine it contained all sorts of my body’s minerals. When my anxiety/panic started I would have sometimes 20 full blown panic attacks a day. I had no idea what it was back then. I thought I was dying. I also developed what was called depersonalization, which is a very difficult thing to explain. I felt “out of it” or “unfamiliar with my surroundings” even though I was in my own home or someplace I was quite accustom to being. I would struggle every day with wanting to stay home in my “safe” place. But I’d push myself to go to work and do things even though I was very anxious. I experienced constant dread that I’d have a panic attack, and of course I would. Eventually after a couple years of this I saw a psychiatrist and was prescribed antidepressants. Fortunately, the meds did provide me some level of relief. Then because of the side effects, I’d ease my way off of them. Then inevitably the symptoms would return. Dread, anxiety and panic, and my doctor would try the latest formulation, and it would help some.

This cycle continued for my whole adult life. As I entered my 50’s the symptoms seemed naturally ease up a bit. But that only lasted for a few years. Then the anxiety returned. At around age 55 the symptoms returned, but there was a slight difference. I just had a constant sense of fear and doom as well as anxiety and the thing I hated most, depersonalization. I didn’t really have full blown panic attacks though. But this time I felt sick too. Like an all body sickness or tightness. My doctor would examine me and ask if I’d like to go back on the antidepressants and I’d decline.

Aside from hypertension which he’d treat me for with Accupril I seemed to be in good health. I have to mention here that I had been on Accupril for at least 20 years.

Then one day, a bit over a year ago, I read a small blurb somewhere about magnesium deficiency symptoms. Most of the things listed were symptoms I was experiencing. So that very day, I went and bought some magnesium taurite capsules and took 2 immediately. The next day, I noticed a lessening in the symptom of depersonalization. So I began to research magnesium supplementation. I hit the internet hard on the subject.

That’s when I discovered Dr. Dean, her blogs, her youtube videos and her book, “The Magnesium Miracle”. I read and watched everything. And I continued to take my capsules. After supplementing with the capsules for about 30 days, I noticed that I had reached a plateau in my improvement.

That’s when I decided to try ReMag. After beginning the ReMag my symptoms began a steady improvement. I followed the instructions by starting out slowly and increased to 3 teaspoons a day. After about a month or so, the wretched depersonalization that I experienced for so many years was gone. I was ecstatic. I continued my therapeutic levels of ReMag and eventually after a few months of use, noticed my blood pressure had come down to a point where I thought I could discontinue the Accupril. That’s when things really started to improve rapidly.

Today, after a little over a year of ReMag, I have no anxiety. NONE!!!! I can’t believe I can say the words because I suffered with anxiety and panic for so many years. No more dread, no more intrusive thoughts, no more depersonalization, no more fear. I’m crying with joy as I type the words.

Now in retrospect I’m able to look back at some of the events and experiences of my life that contributed to a deeply depleted body.
I worked very hard, sweating every day profusely no matter the weather, I’d sweat all day long.
I was put on magnesium robbing antidepressant medications for years.
I don’t know how, but I know that Accupril is evil stuff. Stopping that was key to feeling better.
All the time being under tremendous amounts of stress which help to deplete our bodies.

In closing, I’d like to just thank you Dr. Dean for bringing this product to market. I’ve got my wife and daughters using it and I tell anyone that asks about my miraculous health improvements about your products and I gift them with your book.

Obviously, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, aside from listening to your archived radio shows. I want you to know this though…

You’re one of the people who’s actions has impacted my life in an intensely positive way. For that I’m eternally grateful an I love you.

Keith from Illinois


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  1. I am suffering from all the symptoms he has mentioned and being from India I used to sweat a lot and take up lot of stress. Once I moved to UK, it hit me very badly and I was a wreck. I was searching for a miracle and I really feel its a direction from GOD to look into Carolyn Deans book and remag. Within weeks I was able to reduce most of the symptoms. It lingers still but I am very hopeful it will go away. This truth needs to be spread everywhere that anxiety is not a incurable disease as most doctors think. Its nothing but nervous arousal because of mineral ad vitamin deficiencies. Thank you very much Dr Dean !

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