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Magnesium and the Central Nervous System

Your brain. Your brain on drugs. Any questions?  Remember that advertising campaign?  Well, today’s blog is of a similar vein: Your brain with and without magnesium is two completely different organs and has significant implications for health, longevity and cognitive function. And, you probably have questions!

In 2011 the University of Adelaide Press published a comprehensive study titled Magnesium and the Central Nervous System.  In it the editors provided comprehensive documentation about the role of magnesium in a normal brain, in neurological diseases such as learning and memory, headache and migraine, pain, cerebral ischemia, clinical stroke, and Parkinson’s as well as magnesium in psychiatric diseases such as Alzheimer’s, stress, neuroses, autism, depression and addiction.

You can download a copy of the book here.

The good news is in most every case these symptoms can is improved or prevented with the appropriate magnesium therapy such as our very own ReMag Magnesium Solution, a 60,000 ppm concentration of 99.99% pure elemental magnesium designed to slip right into the mineral channels of your cells and saturate your entire body with magnesium delight!

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