Magnesium Deficiency 101 – Carolyn Dean MD ND

Magnesium deficiency has many faces and many causes.  In this instructional video prepared for the Body Mind Institute, Dr. Carolyn Dean expands on her legendary thesis, The Magnesium Miracle, to include her own reflections on how her determination to find simple, safe solutions for health and well-being produced her own miracle, ReMag Magnesium Solution!

Video content and time stamp:

Dr. Dean – background on discovering The Magnesium Miracle

3:52 – Avoiding the allopathic approach

5:42 – How minerals affect the electrical conductivity of the body

7:27 – How vitamins and minerals effect your genes

9:28 – How people are suffering from diet and supplement fanaticism

13:00 – Full slide screen presentation on The Magnesium Miracle

13:40 – Dr. Dean’s own magnesium deficiency symptoms

14:45 – Preventing the laxative effect while using magnesium

15:50 – The calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium intersection

16:28 – The functions of magnesium

17:45 – Magnesium’s role in ATP production

19:40 – How did I become magnesium deficient? Quiz

29:00 – Fluoride through water, dental products and drugs

34:00 – Seriously magnesium depleting drugs like Cipro, Prozac, Lipitor, Flecainide and PPI’s like Prevacid

38:05 – Acid reflux, anxiety and adrenal fatigue – treating these symptoms naturally through magnesium and minerals

41:45 – Low magnesium is a medically recognized sign of diabetics

43:45 – How much magnesium does a person require?

51:15 – Therapeutic forms of magnesium

54:25 – What other minerals should I be using?

1:01 – Closing comments

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  1. I’ve been taking ReMag for a few years. I find it works because I sleep better and overall feel good. I notice a difference when I didn’t take it for a week. There’s a product called Magnesium Breakthrough which includes 7 types of Magnesium in one pill form. Do I need all this magnesium for optimal health?

  2. Hello! All compounded magnesium like the 7 you are speaking of ends up in it’s elemental form and that is what your body requires. ReMag is pure and highly concentrated and is something that you can use with great success as you’ve already experienced.

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