ReNew Skin Serum – Back in Stock!

ReNew Skin Serum is back in stock.

In the last few weeks if you came back our website to reorder and we were out, sorry–there was much more demand for this product than we had expected.

If you haven’t yet tried ReNew, perhaps you’d want to consider getting some now while we are fully stocked!

If you missed our radio show segment about ReNew you can listen to Ginney and Dr. Dean talk about ReNew and it’s various applications here:

ReNew Radio Spot 2-20-17,mp3

Here is some more information about ReNew:

**ReNew serum is the consistency of a fresh, natural royal jelly with pollen!  It is a 25X concentration of RnA Drops so it is powerful and thicker than most serums or cosmetics.

**ReNew is mixed with ozonated olive oil and an exceptional Rose Oil to give it an even more beneficial therapeutic purpose. In terms of the rose oil – here is a list of beneficial attributes of the Rose Oil in ReNew:

There is a  drying and flaking action that is standard for the ReNew – it can be kind of like a poultice for the skin and the white powdery substance is part of the formulas benefit. If you are using ReNew topically, on the skin, to treat moles, cysts, acne, etc. then you apply it and that white substance can sit on the top layer of the dermis to draw toxins out of the skin and that’s okay – and, if you’d like to use it topically as a cosmetic product then you’ll want to apply it and rub it into the skin in such a way that it is absorbed – then apply your makeup or traditional daily moisturizer over the top of it.

My family uses ReNew as a skin therapy for burns, wrinkles, moles, scars, liver spots, and our young adult children are very successful using it for acne.

Most people have to use expensive surgeries or advanced pharmaceutical products to get ANY results with the skin. I have used high-end cosmetics my whole life – from LeMer to Estee Lauder – and ReNew is not like anything I’ve used before and I am totally thrilled with my results!

ReNew Skin Serum allows your cells to replicate perfectly and, with prolonged use, is actually very effective.

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  1. Good morning! I received the ReMag & ReMyte last Thursday. After the 3rd day (yesterday)I got diarrhea really bad. Is this part of the cleansing process? As of yet, I haven’t had a BM this morning. Also I have been a little depressed but the anxiety that I was having seems to have subsided a little. I have been mixing the products as directed w/ Himalayan pink sea salt. Should I change anything as far as the amounts? I’m hoping for more energy with time. As a reminder I had a mild stroke and pace maker last summer and am on eliquis, cartia & sotolal. My BP has been normal & sometimes below normal. I hope that someday I may be able to cut back on some of the meds. I have never taken drugs until now, just lots of vitamins. By the way, I have been taking Twin Lab one a day multi vitamin. Does Dr Dean recommend something better? Please give me some positive advice ref to the diarrhea..I no longer take calcium, should I? I’ve heard that it calcifies in the blood. I have been taking it for years. Maybe that contributed to my heart problem which I never knew I had until my stroke. Thank you!

    • Hello, GINNEY in Customer Service emailing you today. First, let me confirm that you have been following the protocol which is 1/4 tsp in 1 quart of water with sea salt for 3 days – then adding ReMyte at the same dose to the same water on the 4th day and then building the dose 1/4 tsp at a time until you reach a therapeutic dose? On the 3rd day you would only be using ReMag in which case ReMag doesn’t cause the laxative effect nor constipation but you want to watch the amount of water you are using and also build your dose according to the protocol. Here are Dr. Dean’s recommendations:

      1). I tell people in the ReMag book to reduce the amount and take it more slowly. This should slow the detox symptoms and elimination issues related to heavy toxicity in the gut and cells.
      2). Check your water intake with the sea salt. The hydration and sea salt are important and also consider adding ReMyte to create a balance. You don’t want to fall into the trap of using ReMag as a drug to clear up symptoms – you’re using ReMag and all minerals to balance the body and optimize cellular performance.
      3). Be sure you are taking a good probiotic. I recommend Prescript Assist, a soil-based probiotic.
      4). If the diarrhea means yeast overgrowth is coming up, then you address yeast overgrowth issues as well. If you are unfamiliar with yeast overgrowth – you can read this article written that describes its causes and effects:

      We advise people to visit this website and do a self-assessment to determine the severity of the problem and symptoms you may be experiencing — like diabetes, weight gain and organ failure: 

      5). Adding fiber to your menus will significantly decrease loose stools. Dr. Dean in fact recommends drinking 4-6 oz of water with 1-2 tablespoons of psyllium seed powder to the water. This is a natural way to add fiber to your digestive/elimination system. Using the psyllium seed powder should bulk up your stools and slow your intestines down. 

      FINALLY – you can also use the ReMag topically to circumvent the gut as you rid your body of toxins and yeast. The instructions to use the ReMag topically are as follow:

      Using ReMag for topical use
      1 ml = 8 sprays 5 mls. in a tsp.
      1.25 ml in a ¼ tsp. = 11 sprays
      Instructions: Transfer ReMag into a spray bottle. Do not dilute. It’s not necessary to rub ReMag into the skin. Spray ReMag lightly, let it sit and dry. After a few minutes, spray again and do that 4-5 times to let the layers build. Do this 2-3 times a day to reach your optimal dose.

      • I called your CS dept before I started the dosage and was told to use 1/4 tsp ReMag & 3/4 tsp ReMyte in the same liter of water w/ 1/8 tsp. sea salt so that is what I have done each day. I don’t remember the guy’s name but he said that you were his supervisor. He had an accent if that helps. Now you are telling something totally different. Please advise.

  2. Hi, Gloria

    Did you receive the protocol in the product box? That is the easiest way to get started and also follow the dosing guide – did you get one of those?

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