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A dietary supplement is a product intended for ingestion that contains a “dietary ingredient” intended to add further nutritional value to (supplement) the diet. A “dietary ingredient” may be one, or any combination, of the following substances:

  • a vitamin
  • a mineral
  • an herb or other botanical
  • an amino acid
  • a dietary substance for use by people to supplement the diet by increasing the total dietary intake
  • a concentrate, metabolite, constituent, or extract

Dietary supplements may be found in many forms such as tablets, capsules, softgels, gelcaps, liquids, or powders. Some dietary supplements can help ensure that you get an adequate dietary intake of essential nutrients; all are designed to help you maintain or expand your current level of wellness.

Tonight on our weekly radio show we’ll be talking about Choosing the Best Dietary Supplements as well as many other wonderful topics!

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  1. Hi does dr dean have any experience with folks who have Rhuenatoid Arthritis ? I researched and learned it is caused by a bacteria called mycoplasma and can be killed in2 weeks using minocycline an antibiotic used for acne so was wondering if her products can do any good for Rhumatoid ????? Thank you very much and hope you will please respond I have been diagnosed 4/2016
    And refuse to take the drugs the offer….,please help

    • Hi, Karen – the FDA prohibits a dietary supplement company to give advice on medical conditions; our products can only be recommended for sustaining health! If you have any questions you can listen to our most recent radio show – 7-10-17 – that should help you understand our position.

  2. Ginny, can you send me a copy of Bob’s blog, please. Easier for me to read than listen to Bobs comments about FDA. Hoping the FDA doesn’t shut you folks down!
    Sunny Mills

    • Hi, Sunny- the FDA is thrilled to have such a wonderful dietary supplement company among its compliant retailers! No worries. Bob doesn’t write blogs – he just talks. So, there isn’t anything to send you that way – xoxo. ME

  3. I wonder if I do the right thing because I wrote reviews in my website about your products using my experience and material from your websites? I have plenty of disclaimers.

      • I use affiliate links from Amazon to your products. I want to inform public about various great products and in the same way show them where visitors can get them. All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

  4. Dear Dr. Dean, I was appalled when I heard the FDA letter. Regardless of what they say, regardless of the way you have to package, I have found you now and you have through your products, changed my life and I will continue ordering them.

    I’m sorry allopathic medicine is so outdated and not in touch with their patient population. Three neurologists later, no one had the reason for my spasms, happening all over my body. It was quite simply magnesium deficiency caused by a prescription drug my MD’S insisted that I needed to be on. A non-narcotic medication that is as difficult as heroin to wean off of, they have no problem prescribing like it’s candy. I was blessed enough to find the solution in a thread when I was researching the medication that almost killed me.

    ReMag stop my spasming totally. I would hang on to my dresser at night and beg God to make it stop. All the testing that was done, no one had the answer. I just find the whole thing to be utterly ridiculous and sad.

    Prescription medications are put through a patient trial for 8 weeks and then dispense to the population in mass quantities. One year later you’ll see a from some Law Firm telling you to call a phone number if someone in your family or you have been harmed in any way or died.

    I understand you have to operate within the constraints of the system guidelines. It is my prayer that you will continue to be able to help the thousands that are so desperately seeking someone to help them get their health under control.

    There are now five people in my family on your products. I have told many friends and other family members to go to your website. You changed my life and that’s all that matters to me. The FDA approved the medication that almost did me in. There’s multiple class action lawsuits against it but yet it’s still on the market.

    When I listen to the archived radio show today, it was with great sadness. I had already been aware of your situation and Canada. I had Googled your name try to get to your website to purchase products and that information popped up. I read it and disregarded it totally. My experience spoke for itself. I don’t need any entity to tell me what’s helping my body recover from what has been done by prescription drugs. I’m extremely grateful I found you when I did. There is no doubt in my mind that you changed the course of my life as well as head of my family members.

    Respectfully & Gratefully,

    Mrs. Denise Hockenberry

    • Hello, Denise!

      What a lovely letter and I know it is sooo heartfelt. You are so precious! Thank you! I will send this along to Carolyn. XOXO

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