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Did you know there are several easy steps you can take to have a happy, healthy heart? On tonight’s show, we talk about the steps to take to keep your heart healthy as well as how to add beneficial dietary supplements to your health regimen!

Tonight’s show – Letter from Dr. Suzanne

“We live in a society that focuses its attention almost exclusively on diseases. People are conditioned into needing a medical label to explain why their health is not good. The pharmaceutical industry (and society in general) has convinced us that we must take something to get rid of or suppress disease symptoms. The emphasis is on the outside world (i.e. the doctor, supplement, drug) to make things better. As you know, the ultimate reality is that no doctor, supplement, supplemental health program or pharmaceutical drug heals us or makes us well.  We are the only ones who can heal ourselves from any condition. The biggest difference is that often we become ill because some aspects within our body and mind are out of balance. Without homeostasis, we teeter between health and dis-ease. Food, exercise, stress reduction, nutritional supplements all contribute to improving the inner balance that we call “health”. This is really what your program is about and has always been about.

With the warning letter from the FDA, you are being given a very different opportunity to really help people understand the nature of health and healing. You don’t need to talk about the disease process. Actually, when the disease appears, the inner imbalance has been around for a long time.  When you emphasize building health, you offer people the opportunity to see themselves differently and to take action toward building health from a different perspective.

I’ve always loved the analogy of health and a bank account. My financial bank account is a balance between my money deposits and withdrawals. All of us know that. When my withdrawals are greater than my deposits, I’m in trouble financially. It’s the same thing with health. I have a health bank account that also consists of creating a balance between deposits and withdrawals. The deposits consist of lifestyle features such as exercise, a healthy diet, strategies for stress reduction, nutrients from foods or targeted supplements etc. The withdrawals include dealing with toxins in the air, water and foods, lack of sleep, stressors in our work and personal life, etc. Many of these withdrawals come erratically into our lives and are not within our control. But the deposits are usually something we can consciously make in adding to our health bank account. When I take the supplements you have developed, I am increasing my bank balance. I am not only helping my current state of health and reducing the impact of future or present dis-ease, but I am also building a reserve that can help me get through periods when there are a lot of withdrawals.

So, I don’t see the current limitations imposed by the FDA in what you can talk about with your patients and customers as limiting your contribution to others. It can be a real gift that enables people to really understand how to create that balance and health within themselves.

I wish you well on this shift in your educational journey of others.

Dr. Suzanne


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    • Hello, Rhonda This is GINNEY in Customer Service emailing you today. I think that the giveaway is that there are 32,000 people involved in a study on this ‘drug’ – magnesium isn’t a drug, doesn’t have side effects because it’s not a drug and isn’t studied like that. I would write to the person who submitted this article and ask for the medical citations. In the meantime, look for credible magnesium researchers like this one:

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