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There are aspects of technology that I willingly embrace, but when it comes to the human body, I think we have created the perfect body and should focus on Completing what we have created rather than the limited thinking that our body is a bag of chemicals with replaceable parts. This ‘chemical bag, replaceable parts’ model of medicine comes from the influence of Newtonian physics and is something that Dr. Bruce Lipton lectures on quite frequently:

Dr. Bruce Lipton – Newtonian Physics

When I first began practicing medicine, I had already received training in Naturopathic Medicine, so I wanted to and was able to use many alternatives to drugs. However, I began to see that other naturopathic and holistic practitioners had adopted the allopathic model in their approach. The only difference between them and allopathic doctors is that instead of using drugs when they encountered disease symptoms, they would give natural supplements. When those didn’t work, they resorted to IM and IV injections of stronger and stronger supplements forcing the body to comply. Forcing the body to do what we “think” the body needs from the scientific standpoint overrides the innate wisdom of the body.

Also, I didn’t see the wisdom in the “green allopathic” approach and focused more on diet, low-dose natural supplements, herbs, homeopathy and acupuncture as gentle means of supporting the body as it “healed” itself.

As my Journey to Completement continued, I began to form a vision of what type of support I wanted for my own body and the body of my family and other loved ones.  I started to focus my attention on the individual cell, the ultimate foundation our life, health, and well-being.

In focusing on the cells, I directed my attention to structure, function, and absorption. What do cells require to be high functioning, to complete their jobs, to produce the energy we require for optimal living? Answer this question has been the development of The Completement Formulas.

So, what’s a Completement Formula? The world Completement is a play on “Supplement” –  instead of “ADDING” something that is missing – such as the word ‘supplement’ suggests – our formulas COMPLETE the biological processes the body is already capable of. For example, just a few weeks ago I wrote a blog on how many necessary CELLULAR functions are interrupted when a person is magnesium-deficient:

Article: More Magnesium Functions

Completement Formulas also a great differentiation piece. In a world where the global SUPPLEMENT ‘industry’ has exceeded a size of what is reasonable,  our product sets a standard for a new way of approaching the structure and function of a healthy body. I take it to the cellular level by creating perfect, whole, complete cells – vs. identifying ‘symptoms’ or ‘systems’ and addressing wellness in an isolated way.

Finally, “Completement Formula” brings in the ‘holistic’ aspect of dealing with body and mind as well as emotions – we rely on the Complete Intelligence of our own physical and non-physical nature to engage and benefit from our formulas as well.  For example, the RnA Drops formulas have been reported to amplify happiness and smooth out emotional stress as well as providing amino acids and biological sugars to the body to complete the cell replication process*.

In 2011, I launched my Completement Formulas to complete the nutritional process of cellular health. Since that time, we’ve received thousands of testimonials a year wherein individuals and families report their health outcomes and share their success.

Conversely, we’ve also had some folks who haven’t achieved their health outcomes as desired and when that occurs, we go to the foundation of the formulas and how they work together and be properly used as micronutrients, to support the structure and function of the cell and the entire body.

The Formulas in the Completement Line Work Together Synergistically

Using the Completement Line of Formulas is ultimately determined by the individual. What we encourage with all of our formulas is to develop your own experience and find what works best for you.  You’ll soon find out that using our Formulas can vary in combination among consumers as the number of coffee drinks you can get at Starbucks!

But we do have guidelines for using the Completement Formulas and unlike Starbucks the FDA, the RDA and common sense help us shape our program! Tonight on Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE we return to our internet based radio program with a clear tutorial on How to Use My Formulas along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions.


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