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In 2018 we are introducing a new feature in our two -hour radio show: The Doctor to Doctor Hour.  In this segment, Dr. Carolyn Dean will be joined by powerful, passionate, and committed doctors who bring much light and information to the natural health community with their approach to wellness, diet, exercise, and supplementation.

In our first segment, Dr. Dean is being joined by Dr. Stephen Hotze, the founder, and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in Katy, Texas. In his most recent book, Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness, Dr. Hotze reveals how commonly hypothyroidism is overlooked, misdiagnosed, and mistreated in women and men, and gives you just the information you need to prepare yourself to obtain help.

Of course, his insight is based on his own clinical experience. In the book, he describes his journey from using pharmaceutical drugs to actively listening to his patients and treating the root cause of their symptoms through natural approaches. “For an acute illness, such as strep throat or a sinus infection, the drug approach may be appropriate,” says Dr. Hotze. “However, few patients with chronic ailments ever really get well by taking drugs. How can they? Chronic illness and disease are not caused by deficiencies of prescription drugs.”


Yes, Dr. Carolyn Dean has also been educating the public about safe solutions for chronic conditions for many years having herself come to tremendous insights about the role of magnesium and mineral deficiencies in endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, adrenal imbalances, and diabetes. For example, hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone to meet the body’s needs. Yet the thyroid needs 9 minerals to assemble the thyroid hormone:

Just imagine these two powerful doctors together on the same radio show presenting their insights and taking your phone calls!

So, join us tonight on our internet based radio show, we’ll  be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean and Dr. Stephen Hotze for our Premiere of the Doctor to Doctor Series along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the ‘conflict’ in the ‘conflict basis’ of disease and much more!!

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