Hormonal Imbalance, Menopause, and Premenopause – Dr Carolyn Dean with CJ Liu

How do you know if you have a hormonal imbalance? Get the full story from Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of “Hormone balance: A Woman’s Guide to Restoring Health and Vitality ” on how your hormones get out of whack. What is happening to your body during menopause and premenopause?

Part Two–Q2lvs3k

Part Three


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  1. Hi, i am perimenopausal,( 50yrs) I ended up in the ER 3 times in a four month period. After many, many Dr. Appointments and a MRI i tested Vitamin D which was was 17. My Dr. told me to take 2000 iu vit D. I am taking 60 000iu as i feel i need more. I heard of remag, started using it and saw an improvement. Is there anything else that i can do to prevent future dizziness or is this part of menopause? Thank you

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