5 ways to get your motor running in the morning

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Or, do you wake up only to feel sluggish? If you do, then you know how it can negatively affect your entire day and can even keep you from achieving your goals.

Here are five lifestyle changes you can make to get your body firing on all cylinders first thing in the morning so you can make the most of each day.

  1. Waking up refreshed begins the night before.

Sleep is a resource that’s perfectly free, but it does so much. In addition to producing melatonin, we know that deep sleep enhances growth hormone production. Growth hormone hastens the absorption of proteins and other nutrients into your cells; it stimulates bone marrow and the production of your immune cells; and it aids the healing of tissues throughout your body.

10pm is really the latest I’d recommend getting to bed (11pm during daylight savings time). I usually shoot for 9pm. If you want, go to sleep even earlier — the earlier the better.

By the way, magnesium can help relax your muscles and calm your nervous system to enhance healthy sleep.

  1. Add Hindu Squats to your morning routine.

This is a powerful form of exercise that dates back thousands of years combining body weight training and cardio. The best part is, you don’t need any equipment, your body is the weight you use. And can do it on the spot – almost anywhere you are able to stand in an upright position with enough room to squat.

Done slowly and gently, the Hindu Squat can help increase your joint circulation and get your blood pumping.

Here’s a video tutorial:

  1. Hydrate all day with sea salted water

Hydration with sea salt, magnesium, and multiple minerals wakes up your cells and activates your whole body. Minerals help hold water inside cells where they are needed for proper body function. Add salt, ReMag, and ReMyte to your water bottle and sip throughout the day.

  1. Fast till you’re fully awake

If a heavy breakfast slows you down, break your overnight fast after you drink several glasses of sea salted water, do your squats and take a morning walk. You should have your morning bowel movement after drinking your water. If you need glucose for energy, your liver will release glycogen stores which is good exercise for your liver and helps you burn calories and lose weight.

  1. Don’t check your email or the news

Extend your media fast for a few hours after you wake up and try not to look at your cell phone or computer and don’t turn on the TV. Negative news can deplete your energy before you even wake up.

Just adding a few of these changes to your daily routine will start you down the path to waking and staying refreshed all morning, so you can have a more enjoyable and productive day.

And, don’t forget to give your body all the nutrients it requires to maintain optimal function by giving it the Total Body ReSet formulas.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean

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