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Here are an athlete’s first impressions of ReStructure. He was already using all the other Total Body ReSet formulas, so once he added ReStructure, he felt a boost from the synergy between these formulas.


ReStructure is the best protein supplement on the planet! It’s Rocket fuel! I bought my first amino acid supplement from GNC in 1976 while preparing to play college football. I’ve experimented with quite a bit of protein powders over the last 40 years. ReStructure provides complete spark for intense workouts and instant recovery than any product that I have used. THIS IS ROCKET FUEL!!!

The most notable effect that I had was when I took my first serving. I literally could feel my muscles being filled with the ReStructure. My workout intensity, stamina and concentration on tasks at work were off the charts over the past 8 days. I experienced significant improvements daily in my stamina and ability to concentrate. I have never felt such a complete physical and mental charge of this kind. Boy, there’s loads of fun on the way!



Here’s a key to why athletes like Bert are calling ReStructure the best protein supplement on the planet. It’s scientific, but bear with me.

Lysine is an essential amino acid that the body must obtain from the diet, because we can’t synthesize it on our own. We focus on lysine in all our Total Body ReSet Formulas as a crucial component in making perfect cells. Our RnA Drops, made from germinated barley seeds, are high in lysine and are producing trimethyllysine from the naturally occurring lysine in barley. Our whey protein powder is also high in lysine, but, to further enhance it, we add an extra 1,000mg of lysine in each serving.

Lysine is the precursor to carnitine, an amino acid derivative that is responsible for converting fatty acids into energy. Lysine plays a role in calcium absorption and assists in the formation of collagen—the building block of connective tissues, such as bones, cartilage, skin, and tendons. It supports normal growth and development and helps create a healthy immune system. Lysine deficiency is said to be rare in typical American diets, but can be a risk for strict vegetarians, vegans, or elite athletes. Not having enough lysine in the diet can lead to fatigue, loss of appetite, and agitation. With the lysine in our ReStructure, we ask it to go one step further and work with RnA Drops to support the replication of healthy cells.

Extra lysine and RnA Drops powder make all the ingredients in ReStructure fully absorbed and active.

If all that nutrition science is too much to digest, then just know that the Total Body ReSet formulas were designed to work together to give a healthy body the most high-grade nutrients to reach new levels of performance and aid post-workout recovery.

You can buy ReStructure on its own, or better yet, as part of the Total Body ReSet bundle at:


Dr. Carolyn Dean

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