Is TV making you fat?

Professor John Robinson of Maryland University conducted a study where they examined survey results from 45,000 Americans conducted over 35 years. They were trying to determine the type of activities valued by those who said they were truly happy. The top three activities included going to church, socializing, and reading the newspaper.

In the process of conducting their research, however, it became plainly obvious that happy people watched considerable less TV than unhappy people.

Now, whether unhappy people just tend to watch more TV or TV makes people unhappy, the scientists couldn’t say. Is it the content of TV, including the negative ads, or is it the fact that we don’t “exercise” our own creative muscles and let other people tell us their stories. This connection between TV and personal health, happiness, wealth and spirituality has been observed over and over again. It seems that the more time spent with the television (and its modern incarnations) the less the quality of your life.

Movies, television and now streaming video from the internet have done wonderful things for modern man. But, as with all powerful forms of technology, TV comes with its negative side. Is audio-video technology harmful — in and of itself? No. It really depends how it is used, what for and how much. Food, for example, can nourish a person or kill them. Too much, too often, and the wrong kind can be fatal. The same is true with video.

Most people are spending at least four hours a day in front of the tube. At even just four hours a day, that’s 1/6 of your life gone. More than one full day a week. That is time you could be moving around, taking a walk, stretching, getting fresh air.

TV can easily make people put off important needs like sleep, exercise, meditation, or meal preparation. This leads to you feeling too tired for anything but the TV. It quickly becomes a vicious cycle.

Being unhappy and sedentary leads to unconscious eating of whatever is available, or even feeling so absorbed in watching that you just order take out. Then, the more your physique, energy, and health deteriorate, the harder it gets to turn your lifestyle around. After all, bodies at rest tend to stay at rest…

Do this exercise. For one week keep a log of how much TV, YouTube, or Netflix you watch. At the end of the week, set a goal to cut that viewing time in half the following week. Fill up that newfound time with a bit of walking, light exercise, or stretching. You can even use some of that time to prepare healthy meals in advance, so that when you’re too tired to get off the sofa during a good show, you can reach for a container of some nutritious homemade food.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean

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