The best source of magnesium for high performance

Intense physical exertion depletes magnesium. If you’re exercising, you’re sweating out magnesium that must be replaced. Plus, there is evidence that even a slight magnesium deficit can worsen any negative effects of strenuous exercise.

Magnesium is the master mineral. 80% of the thousands of interactions in the body require magnesium and directing water into cells in areas where it’s needed most.

So, athletes need to ensure adequate magnesium intake throughout the day (310 mg/day for female athletes and 360 mg/day for male athletes based on the RDA). However, taking too much magnesium can cause a laxative effect, which could send you running for the bathroom in the middle of a workout! In fact, doctors prescribe magnesium to patients who are constipated. However, the laxative effect just means it’s not being absorbed.

So, what’s the solution?

I used to recommend angstrom magnesium, however, ReMag Pico-Ionic liquid magnesium has a much higher potency at 60,000 ppm compared to 3,000 ppm in the angstrom form.

ReMag was formulated to be well absorbed. The real secret of our process is that we control all the factors in the ionization process so that the finished product is a monoatomic pico-meter sized ionic form of magnesium (as absorbed by root system of plants, released into our digestive system, and absorbed into our cells). The ionization process itself is complex but is no different than what occurs in nature every minute of every day.  Essentially, our process means we don’t allow the ions to bond into complex ionic groups or compounds that require digestive energy to break them down. Hence – no laxative effect. The formula simply doesn’t require digestive energy and doesn’t disturb the small intestines.  

If you play sports, work out, or engage in any kind of strenuous physical activity, the easiest way to maintain adequate magnesium levels is to supplement with ReMag. If you combine ReMag with ReStructure Protein Powder which contains 3 forms of protein and balanced macronutrients, you are giving your body all the basic building blocks it requires to exercise without causing issues that could have been easily avoided with the right supplementation.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean

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