The Breath of Life

There is nothing more important than the right combination of food, air and water. In this email, I’ll focus on air. Not so much the quality of air, but the mechanics and the philosophy of breathing, so you can get the best out of the air that’s coming into your lungs.

Breathing is something we just don’t think about, so you may be surprised at some of the ways that breathing benefits your life…

–    Bringing oxygen to your cells

–    Removing carbon dioxide, the waste produce of cellular respiration and metabolism

–    Keeping the right balance of carbon dioxide to oxygen ratio

–    Keeping the lungs inflated

–    Expanding the ribs

–    Keeping the diaphragm in place

–    Massaging internal organs with the mobile diaphragm

And there’s much more. Breathing also brings awareness.

Here’s some basic breath therapy. Abdominal breathing is also called diaphragmatic breathing because your diaphragm moves down as you inhale. When babies and animals breathe, their whole body seems to be involved and their abdomens rise and fall with each breath.

I catch myself sometimes with a tense abdomen and take a conscious abdominal breath to release it. When I was growing up the emphasis was on posture not breathing. Which made me throw my shoulders back, tense my abdomen and suck in my stomach. The military posture. Then there was all that tight clothing that people wore in the 60’s and 70’s. Girdles were all the rage. How can you possibly breathe with all that rubber and elastic squeezing the life right out of you?

With half the population in bathing suits here on Maui, I see a lot of abnormal breathing because people are trying to suck in their wayward stomach. I don’t know if this is the only reason. Perhaps that and the stress and fear that we allow to pervade our lives makes us tense and inhibits our breath.

Many years ago, I learned about abdominal breathing during my naturopathic training. Here’s how to do it.

First, assess your normal breathing pattern by lying down comfortably on your back and become aware of your breathing. Don’t try to change anything. Are you breathing into your chest or your abdomen? How fast are you breathing? To make it clearer, rest one hand on your abdomen over your belly button and another on your chest over your sternum (breast bone). Breathe as you normally do. Which hand is moving the most?

Now, practice abdominal breathing:

  1.    Place one hand on your abdomen over your belly button.
  2.    Inhale through your nose slowly and deeply. Concentrate on moving air into the bottom of your lungs. Let your abdomen rise as your chest moves only slightly.
  3.    Hold at the end of inhalation for a second or two and exhale through your nose.
  4.    Practice Abdominal Breathing. I’m sure many of you already know about abdominal breathing. This email will serve as a gentle reminder to be conscious of doing it regularly. For those of you who now realize you are shallow breathers, follow the abdominal breathing instructions and make it a habit.

While writing this, I’ve slowed down considerably taking more time to appreciate the importance of my breath and the simple things in life.

There you go. I’ve given you one more way to get your body firing on all cylinders so that all the parts of you can work together to achieve your health goals. If you’re serious about achieving those goals, make sure you give your body all the nutritional support it requires by taking my Total Body ReSet formulas.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean

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