The muscle mineral

Today, I’m going to tell you about a mineral that is critical for athletes or anyone engaging in strenuous exercise.

You may already know that magnesium is a necessary cofactor utilized by 700-800 enzyme systems that perform vital metabolic functions in the body. But, did you know that magnesium is arguably the most important mineral for exercise? Here’s why.

Magnesium relaxes muscle cells and calcium contracts them. Magnesium allows a small amount of calcium into a cell and then forces it out. It’s a simple dynamic that occurs in our bodies every millisecond of every minute. And it’s via the muscles that most people learn about magnesium.

We have muscle spasms, muscle twitching, painful charley horses that turn our calf muscles into rocks when we stretch, muscle aches and pains. We learn to live with them. Then we read about magnesium or hear about it from a friend or a chiropractor and use Epsom salts in a bath or take a magnesium pill and our muscles sigh in relief.

Magnesium is to plant chlorophyll as iron is to human hemoglobin. In our body, chlorophyll—with its gift of magnesium—supplies the means to create life-giving energy in our cells. On a practical level, this means that magnesium helps oxygenate our muscles. Also, our cells utilize energy packets called ATP (adenosine triphosphate) with the help of magnesium. Animal studies proved that decreased exercise capacity could be an early sign of magnesium deficiency. When given magnesium, their endurance was restored. Most human studies confirm that any form of exercise depletes magnesium. We sweat it out and stress it out and need extra magnesium to neutralize lactic acid.

In fact, it is the most important nutrient for athletes to enhance performance, prevent lactic acid build up, and shorten recovery time. Overworked muscles produce free radicals, however, magnesium aids in the production of glutathione, the body’s super antioxidant. If muscles are deficient in magnesium, they become irritated and on edge, developing tics, twitches, and outright spasms. If you are feeling generally irritated and on edge, magnesium deficiency may be the cause. When you have sufficient magnesium, your muscles are relaxed and your whole body becomes calm.

Many of my clients are former athletes who have sweated out and not fully replaced their magnesium stores in years. Even though they are strong competitors and stars in their field, they become anxious and suffer panic attacks as their bodies develop a level of tension and irritability that they can’t decipher. Taking their symptoms to a doctor, they are usually given a prescription of some sort, which could have been avoided if they had kept their bodies topped up with adequate levels of magnesium.

I have developed the most highly absorbed form of magnesium on the market. It’s is called ReMag – The Magnesium Miracle, and if you’re an athlete, it would be a good idea to take it along with ReStructure Protein Powder as part of a high performance dietary supplement regimen.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean

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