Why most people don’t meet their health goals

Why is it that some folks can just set a health goal and seem to achieve it without effort, while others struggle for years and often find themselves no better or even worse off than when they began?

Well, in the case of the latter, this is the type of subconscious behavior that manifests when our self–image is off kilter. We either can’t see ourselves being healthier or we can’t see ourselves doing and enjoying healthy things. A lot of this is related to self-esteem. We are often hypercritical of ourselves at a deep subconscious level even if we are not aware of it at a conscious level.

We have an image set in our mind of how healthy we can be and what we are capable of — usually ordained by years of bad habits — and can’t progress beyond that image.

In the 1960s, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a cosmetic surgeon, discovered that his reconstructive surgeries didn’t cure the insecurities and unhappiness many of his patients were experiencing. He soon realized that how people saw themselves in their own mind was the true cause of their lack of contentment and success in life.

Dr. Maltz developed a system called Psycho-Cybernetics — which explains why many people are not successful in meeting their health goals. He also developed a process he called Theatre of the Mind. Essentially you visualize yourself, as if watching a movie, doing, accomplishing and enjoying those things that you’ve otherwise felt were out of your reach.

If you struggle to meet your health goals you can use this technique to visualize your life as it would look when you do achieve those goals. Use this technique to visualize yourself experiencing improved health. Some suggestions would include visualizing yourself:

–    Going about your business with great energy at those times of the day when you usually feel low.

–    Sleeping deeply and waking up refreshed.

–    Preparing, eating and enjoying healthful foods.

–    Sitting down morning and evening to practice meditation, prayer or other tension–releasing periods of silence.

–    Being able to think clearly and produce brilliant results in your line of work.

–    Losing weight if you are overweight and developing the physical appearance you always wanted.

You see, right thinking isn’t enough. Or maybe it is. But right–thinking doesn’t happen when the subconscious mind is programmed otherwise.

Sure you can exercise your willpower and try to override the subconscious actions and thoughts that get in the way of you being healthier. But willpower tends to only work if you are already feeling completely rested, content and stress–free. Otherwise, you won’t feel up to exercising willpower and you just allow your subconscious mechanisms to take over.

Have you ever decided you would limit a certain food? Everything goes well for a while. Then challenges or temptations begin to mount and next thing you know your mind has convinced you that you deserve, need or just might as well give up and have that which you had decided you would go without.

This is partly because you are constantly still seeing yourself as eating the forbidden food. Your subconscious mind may even guide you into a situation that puts that forbidden food within arm’s reach.

As you probably realize, there’s a bit of disconnect between the conscious and subconscious mind.

The conscious mind says, “I will not drink coffee anymore.” The subconscious mind only knows that every morning you drink a big cup of coffee. It’s like a computer program that has been set to go off every morning at 8am and make you a cup of coffee. When it’s met with resistance from the conscious mind, it continues to operate trying to find some way to get that cup of coffee.

If instead you visualized yourself as someone who not only doesn’t drink coffee (or at least not often) but otherwise doesn’t really care for it… then your subconscious mind would work differently. You would essentially reprogram it. You’d delete the instructions that say you are supposed to have a cup of coffee at 8am.

And while you are reprogramming your mind to help you meet your health goals, be sure to give your body everything it requires to stay well nourished through periods of change. I’ve broken it down into a simple bundle with just 5 formulas.


Dr. Carolyn Dean

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