A world-class fitness professional weighs in on our formulas

Ben is one of our longtime, loyal customers. He specializes in Corrective Exercise and is one of the few Certified Wim Hof Method instructors in the world. So, he’s definitely what you would call a fitness professional.

He said that when peers or clients ask him what kind of supplements he takes, he responds: “First of all, do you know anyone else that has been taking the same supplements consistently every day for 5 years? Well, I have.”

This piques their interest. It means that Ben has found the best source of nutrients and minerals for his advanced movement and recovery techniques. So, he doesn’t need to keep switching from one supplement to another in search of something that delivers results consistently over time.

If you too have tried dozens of different supplements over the years, then you can relate to how valuable it would be to finally find one set of supplements that don’t end up failing you. It means you can focus on your physical fitness instead of shopping around for supplements.

Here’s how Ben has been using the Completement Formulas.

He takes ReMag, ReMyte and sea salt in water, daily. They make up his electrolyte formula. He also takes ReStructure, and RnA Drops and ReAline, but less frequently.

Ben reports that using ReMag, ReMyte and sea salt water, he can:

  • go on and on in his workouts without getting tired
  • fast for longer periods
  • go longer without drinking water

He also says that when taking a bit more ReMyte, he feels a little more energized – “I operate better on the sea salted water –  I can feel the mucus breaking up, feel the body hydrating”.

He recognizes how important electrolytes are for athletes, and that ReMag and ReMyte are great value for the money: “compared to Gatorade which only has 3 electrolytes in it”. And too much sugar and sodium!

Magnesium is key to the engine of ATP (energy stores). So, due to its higher bioavailability, you get more ATP energy when you work out if you take ReMag. Having worked with many athletes, Ben notices that, “most know about magnesium but need to be educated on the differences between the various forms, and that the cheaper versions cause diarrhea because they’re not absorbed.”

Athletes spend money on their bodies the way car enthusiasts spend money on their cars, so it makes sense to invest a bit more. Right?

Not only does Ben report benefits for himself, but also said that ReMag caused total relaxation in an athlete he was training who had hit a wall of resistance during a session.

If you’re looking for the last supplements you’ll ever need, have a look at our Total Body ReSet bundle. It has everything to support the proper structure and function of your body.


Dr. Carolyn Dean

RnA ReSet