Are you feeding your skin?

While I always emphasize the importance of getting the very best nutrients inside your body, I don’t often speak of the importance of feeding your body’s largest organ–your skin.

You skin is working 24/7 to protect your internal organs from a harsh outer environment. But what happens when skin is injured? A healthy dermis has miraculous restorative abilities, that I’m sure you’ve witnessed many times throughout your life. On the other hand, an unhealthy dermis can be both the cause and outward manifestation of illness. And, for better or worse, let’s not forget the value that society places on the aesthetic value of smooth, healthy skin.

I’d like to share with you a wonderful testimonial from a long time customer who has been enriching her whole body with the Completement Formulas and using ReNew Serum on her face and problem skin areas for years. This enrichment was put to the test recently, and the results may astound you.


I wanted to share with you my leg that got burned with the hot steam water of an iron. The burn was really bad, as soon as it happened I applied ReNew. The second picture was a week and a half later, it had already healed. I thought I would get a scar, but I didn’t. The last picture is current. You can’t see anything really. I applied ReNew everyday for about a month, after the incident. I love ReNew for any skin related conditions.


Thanks to ReNew (and the other ReSet Formulas), this happy customer had skin that was already healthy and ready for more. And when she started applying ReNew to the wound daily, her skin worked its restorative magic.

ReNew was designed for perfect skin enrichment and hydration, because hydrated skin is healthy skin. It contains a 25x concentration of RnA Drops, ozonated olive oil and a drop of Rose Oil to leave your skin dewy and supple. This allows you to enjoy great skin care with no chemicals.

ReNew is healthy ‘food’ to nourish the skin and optimize cellular performance.

If ReNew can do this for burns, just imagine what it can do for wrinkles.

To extend my ReNew and enhance its hydration potential, I use 4 squirts of ReNew and an equal amount of ReMag Lotion. This gives me enough serum to apply all over my face. I do this once or twice a day.

Try it for yourself, here:


Dr. Carolyn Dean

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