How this cyclist cut her post-workout recovery time

Here’s an email from one of our customers who pushes her body to the limits of performance. She’s a cyclist who won’t settle for anything less than the very best nutritional supplements money can buy.

Here’s how her recent discovery of our Completement Formulas was a game-changer for her body’s restorative capabilities.


Just 4 short weeks ago I was SUFFERING from what I now know as severe nutrient deficiency and an overall desperation to reclaim my health. I am a cyclist, my nutrition is nothing less than elite, yet for the last year or more my body was having a difficult time recovering from my rides… so what could have gone so wrong?

Recently I was made aware that I carry the MTHFR mutation. In my research, I came across your product ReAline, but that was just the start. I devoured Dr. Dean’s resources, including The Magnesium Miracle. I quickly ordered ReMag, ReCalcia, ReMyte, ReAline, and Prescript-Assist. I truly believe all the products work together synergistically. The result has been beyond what I could have prayed and hoped for. I have restored my health to a place of homeostasis and the peace of mind is indescribable. There is no exaggeration here…THIS WORKS!! I am deeply grateful for the restoration of my health and in such a short time! My husband commented yesterday how much I was laughing on my bike rides! I cannot thank you enough!! I am looking forward to my continued health.

All the best,



That’s fabulous! I can’t wait to hear from Ana once she discovers the ReStructure protein powder and the RnA Drops. That will give you the total synergy of the Completement Formulas, taking your cells to new levels of functionality.

Here’s the deluxe version of synergy – the Total Body ReSet Bundle:

If you’re not ready to delve into the whole bundle, then pick up a couple of the formulas for now, give them a chance and see how they work for you.


Dr. Carolyn Dean

RnA ReSet

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