The power of placebo

Think that whatever you are doing is the best thing for you.

Placebos pills are used in clinical trials to compare to a drug to tell researchers whether a tested drug has any effect beyond a patient’s belief that the pill is going to be beneficial.

Some researchers are even demanding that two different drugs be used in clinical trials and compared for their effectiveness. Is that because placebos are often as effective or more effective than the drug? It’s true. Placebos can be effective up to 60% of the time.

That’s right – 3 out of 5 times a patient’s condition will improve simply because he or she thinks they are receiving an effective treatment.

When the patient was given the actual drug, effectiveness dropped. So, while the placebo alone proves to be more useful, does the pharmaceutical neutralize the power of positive thinking? Or is it because the drug side effects kicked in

Much of the benefit of avoiding an unhealthy lifestyle may not be so much from the direct effect it has on our bodies, but by the indirect effect that feeling bad or good has on our mind.

How our body feels affects our emotions and our emotions tend to lead our thoughts.

So, whether you live a super healthy lifestyle or not, you need to take control of your thoughts because, the physical plane is rarely set up to suit our idealistic desires for a perfect world. You may eat organic food, but can’t control the air pollution you breathe in each day. You can easily allow your thoughts to dwell on what you can’t do… or you can just as easily focus on what you’re doing right.

But when we are faced with physical limitations, lack of resources, lack of options… then the mind is all you can turn to. And even when you do have physical advantages, you can amplify those advantages, by positive thinking.

In such cases, you need to ignore the negative thoughts and dreary predictions that come to mind and affirm only the positive. Those negative thoughts even have a name – nocebo!

For example, if you’re not eating the most nutrient–dense food, just think, I’m chewing this food thoroughly and deriving the maximum number of nutrients. I’m enjoying it and thanking everyone and everything that brought this food to me. That approach offers you much more benefit than someone who rushes through a healthier meal. Whatever you are doing right, focus on that, give that more force with the power of your mind.

Maybe you can’t sleep with the electricity off (like I’ve suggested in the past) because you have an old-fashioned fuse box… Don’t lay there all night fretting about electrosmog. Think about what you are doing right. Are you sleeping in the dark with blackout curtains on the windows or wearing a blindfold? Focus on that instead. Forget about the electricity. Put it out of your mind and it no longer becomes part of your reality, it’s not in your universe. Relax and allow yourself to have a good night’s sleep.

And even if everything I’ve said in this strategy is dead wrong, even if the placebo effect is not true, even if positive thinking, right attitude, relaxing and allowing does nothing to improve your life… What choice do you have? You can either love or fear what life brings you and what actions you choose to take. At least, you’ll be happier, loving your life.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean

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