If you’re going to take magnesium, why not take the best?

Once you’ve determined that diet alone is not enough to satisfy your body’s requirement for magnesium, turning to a highly-absorbed magnesium supplement is the next step.

Every form of magnesium on the market causes a laxative effect, which means this key mineral is not being fully absorbed by the body. This means you’re wasting money as the body expels unabsorbed magnesium, flushing magnesium and money down the toilet.

After years of asking mineral laboratories to create a highly-absorbed form of magnesium, I finally had to create my own formula. The result is ReMag.

Here’s a testimonial from a new customer who is experiencing his own Magnesium Miracle thanks to ReMag’s high absorption.


I would like to thank you all, especially Dr. Dean, for making better health possible.

I have been using ReMag for only six days, but already my muscles feel stronger. I have taken magnesium glycinate for several years, but in the last two years it was increasingly causing me loose stools. The same thing happened with vitamin C. I looked for alternative forms that were more absorbable. I started liposomal C a few months ago, and now ReMag. Problem solved. I am increasing dosage of ReMag every day without any problems.

I suspect that my gut was damaged in the last few years, causing magnesium absorption to slowly decline. I have altered my diet to try to improve the gut. I have just started reading ‘The Magnesium Miracle’. I plan to take ReMag and ReMyte daily. Seems you have a new customer 🙂

Thank you very much,



When you realize that you are magnesium deficient, wouldn’t you want to take the form that is best absorbed by your body? Otherwise, you’re just going to lose most of the benefits of magnesium in the form of diarrhea or the loose stools which Ronald mentions.

If you’ve tried other forms of magnesium and were not able to experience the improved health that comes with the Magnesium Miracle I’m been trumpeting for so long, then maybe it’s time to switch to ReMag.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean