A magnesium advocate sings ReMag’s praises

I love when our customers become our best advocates because it means we’re making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Someone recently brought to my attention that ReMag has a secret admirer. A blogger named “Nemira” over at has written a series of articles explaining her experiences with ReMag and how it ranks above any other type of magnesium she has used.

In her article “Differences Between Magnesium Supplements”, Nemira says that “ReMag is the best magnesium supplement” because first, she likes the taste (compares it to San Pellegrino water) and second because it is 100% absorbed at the cellular level.

In “Why Pico-Ionic Minerals”, Nemira goes into detail about the superiority of pico-ionic minerals compared to the less refined forms of minerals that have flooded the marketplace.

Lastly, “ReMag Review – The Best Way To Get Magnesium Benefits” goes into even more details about the importance of ReMag’s particle size and how it is way ahead of its time.

If you like what you read in these articles, and what to share Nemira’s experience, you can get yourself a bottle of ReMag – The Magnesium Miracle® here:


Dr. Carolyn Dean

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