The amazing joy of ReMineralization

Yesterday, I shared stories from a blogger who swears by ReMag so much that she dedicated a series of articles to this miracle mineral. Today, we’re going to move to the next essential mineral formula in the Completement lineup: ReMyte.

Here’s a testimonial we just received yesterday from a customer who is delighted with the changes that ReMyte has affected in her.



This product is wonderful for the lungs as well. Clears mucous, and inflammation.

My mother is also naturally improving, and feels the full benefits from the Total Body ReSet bundle, as well as my child. Both had lung problems until we all started the Formulas. Thank you Dr. Dean!

I really can’t express my full gratitude, in this short, complimentary review of my honest testimony, without going into detailed, lengthy explanations.

However, THANK YOU, infinitely.



While ReMyte doesn’t get nearly as much attention as ReMag, it is still an important daily formula to ensure your body has all the electrolytes it requires for your organs to function properly and to support your natural healing functions.

When I created ReMyte, I focused on the 9 minerals required by the thyroid for its proper structure and function. The 12 minerals in total also support the immune system and all the other organs of the body including the lungs!

If you’re ready to ReMineralize your body, pick up a bottle of ReMyte Mineral Solution here:


Dr. Carolyn Dean