What you must know before doing any kind of detox

Detoxification is not just an externally imposed therapeutic method offered at a local detox clinic. Detoxification is performed every minute of every day by our various organs in an orchestration worthy of Carnegie Hall, including two complex phases that rely heavily on certain minerals and vitamins.

Doctors deny the necessity of external forms of detoxification – maybe because they think the liver has it all under control? However, today, the liver is hard pressed to keep up with all the toxins, refined foods (especially sugar), and drugs. Detoxification has become a buzz word in the health community with half the community wanting to try the latest and the other half wanting to sell it.

Alternative medicine practitioners think EDTA IV and oral chelation is the way to rid the body of excess calcium clogging arteries and of heavy metals jamming cells.

However, EDTA is a synthetic chemical and it is an equal opportunity chelator, which means it will bind any metal or mineral it encounters. People who use and write about EDTA say it removes toxic metals and calcium – but it’s just a drug, it can’t decide what’s good or bad. It’s like doctors trying to convince you that antibiotics just kill the bad bacteria. Remember – drugs are stupid.

Detoxification is necessary but my approach is to enhance what the liver is valiantly trying to do while we continue to clog it up with drugs, processed food, fructose corn syrup, and other junk.

If you want to witness the miracle working power of our bodies, look at the amazing work it is already doing to prevent toxicity in this article “Phases of Detoxification”. It’s very scientific, so I’ll break it down for you.

In Phase I Detoxification the liver biologically transforms chemicals to make them water soluble using a long list of enzymes. The action of detoxification enzymes depends on the presence of various minerals. Magnesium is necessary for the proper functioning of 700-800 enzyme systems in the body. So, the stages of Phase I Detoxification are going to require magnesium.

The results of Phase I Detoxification can produce chemicals that are even more toxic but these are rapidly cleared by Phase II Detoxification if the necessary reactions occur with the proper assistance of minerals and vitamins, one of which is Methylation which is B6 dependent.

The efficiency of Phase I and Phase II is adversely affected by deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. Inadequate protein intake specifically reduces Phase I clearance, and insufficient calories decreases overall detoxification function.

The liver can even be “harboring” viruses to keep them from launching out into the body – so if you detox your liver too aggressively you may stir up those viruses. I’m also not in favor of harsh purges of the gall bladder which can send gall stones into the narrow bile duct and cause blockage.

Harsh bowel cleanses make me worry about people who already have issues with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). And, if the kidneys could be kept clear of calcium deposits by taking enough magnesium; hydrated properly and feed the right minerals, we wouldn’t need to have a kidney detox.

Your genius body is taking care of you and doesn’t need to depend on chelation therapy that theoretically is supposed to just remove the bad guys, but throws out the beneficial stuff too!

So, what can you do to safely enhance your own biochemistry? My answer is the Total Body ReSet formulas – with the cornerstone being ReAline.

  1. ReAline has the taurine necessary for amino acid conjugation in Phase II. The sulfur molecules in taurine and methionine assist the Sulfation detox pathways, which is actually Phase III of liver detoxification. The 4 methylated B vitamins in ReAline provide the methyl groups necessary for Methylation. Methionine is also the precursor to glutathione, which is the body’s foremost antioxidant protecting every cell from free radicals and toxins.
  2. ReMag Pico-Ionic magnesium assists Phase I and Phase II Detoxification in almost every step.
  3. ReMyte liquid minerals, especially molybdenum, manganese, selenium and copper assist Phase I.
  4. Remember I said that Phase 1 detoxification requires adequate protein. Also, when the liver is severely stressed, especially if you have or have had hepatitis or mononucleosis, you need protein to heal. In my experience the best protein to heal the liver is animal protein – if you can’t manage meat, then use ReStructure, which is a non-casein, very low lactose whey, pea, and rice protein. The body needs the amino acid building blocks from dietary protein and fully absorbed minerals in order to build structural protein.

Taking these four sets of nutrients daily will naturally assist your body’s own detoxification processes. This is a much more viable option than forcing detoxification with IV chelating chemicals, or IV glutathione. or oral EDTA followed by dozens of synthetic vitamins and poorly absorbed minerals.

Stay tuned for more information on healthy approaches to detoxification. In the meantime, you can get the Total Body ReSet formulas here:


Dr. Carolyn Dean