Do you do yoga? Then don’t miss this.

If you practice yoga, especially hot yoga, you need to know how that affects the mineral levels in your body.

Intense physical exertion depletes magnesium. If you’re exercising, you’re sweating out magnesium that must be replaced. Plus, there is evidence that even a slight magnesium deficit can worsen any negative effects of strenuous exercise.

Magnesium is the master mineral. 80% of the thousands of interactions in the body require magnesium and it helps direct water into cells in areas where it’s needed most.

Magnesium is absolutely required for normal muscle and nerve function. When you have too little, your muscles cramp and twitch and you become very fatigued. It helps muscles relax, nourishes connective tissues and balances the nervous system—all essential for maintaining flexibility.

I was a guest on The Yoga Talk Show with host Lucas Rockwood. He was amazed when I told him the facts about magnesium. We discussed how important magnesium is for yoga practitioners, why magnesium deficiency is so common, and how to stay magnesium sufficient to get the most out of your yoga practice.

So, prepare yourself a bottle of sea-salted water with ReMag and ReMyte and tune in to Episode 295: Magnesium: Top Mineral for Yoga Students to hear the whole story.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean