What haven’t you noticed lately?

While many customers understand the value and benefits of the Completement Formulas to support the structure and function of their body’s critical systems, many are confused about the benefits of the mysterious RnA Drops.

Here is the story of one longtime, loyal customer who stuck with the RnA Drops long enough to let the payoff catch up with him.


Warm Greetings Dr. Dean and Bob!

I am sending you a heartfelt “Gratitude-Testimony” for your “Wonderful” RnA Reset formulas! I’ve been in a state of euphoria this past week after discovering a major change to my meat-sack body experience that I had totally forgotten about since engaging your formulas starting in 2012.

During a discussion with Bob and Sara on the 25th of November after Bob’s New Coach House show, I discovered a major repair of my meat-sack experience that I had completely forgotten about since taking your RnA ReSet formulas. We were discussing the subject of 99% of the brains examined of deceased professional football players had chronic traumatic encephalopathy and how the active professional football players are mindlessly protesting for social justice while ignoring the reality of fatal brain damage from the sport they are participating in. Our conversation continued on the subject with Bob and Sara adding their insights on the subject of brain damage for a few more minutes and suddenly I had an epiphany. I realized that I could not remember the last time I experienced the strange nerve zapping sensation up my spine that I’d grown accustomed to over the years.  

This “Lightning Stinger” like sensation would originate from my tail bone and go up to the base of my skull. But I couldn’t remember having it since beginning the RnA Drops in March 2012. It was the weirdest feeling one could ever experience especially when it comes out of nowhere with no warning. It’s very strange but true that I had grown used to experiencing it periodically  since my sophomore year of college football.  Of course, we are not dealing with time but I am going to date myself now, Dr. Dean! That was 39 years ago! MY GOODNESS!

I had a concussion in my senior year of high school football along with experiencing two severe neck sprains in my early playing career. The first neck sprain occurred during my junior year of high school and the second neck sprain occurred during my freshman year of college. Throughout my college playing years and even into my semi-professional and professional football pursuits, I would periodically get the “Lightning Stinger” sensation. When I switched my training concentration from professional football pursuit to bodybuilding/powerlifting, I still sporadically experienced the “Lightning Stinger” sensation but the experience was not as frequent as it was during my active football training. The “Lightning Stinger” was a very strange sensation that I had learned to live with over the years. And now, it’s all gone thanks to your highly-absorbed mineral formulas!

So, I am sending you this heartfelt “Gratitude-Testimony” to once again to thank you for your “WONDERFUL” Work and RnA ReSet formulas!




Bert’s testimony shows the experience of the taking RnA Drops to create new, perfect cells. It’s not a drug that you take for a headache and the headache subsides in 30 minutes. Since the RnA Drops operate on a cellular level, you have to go about your regular life and pay no mind to “healing”. Then, one day, you’ll wake up and realize you had completely forgotten about some bit of physical contrast you used to experience. It’s just not there anymore!

You can find the RnA Drops here:

Alternatively, if you are cautious about your gluten intake, check out ReNew Skin Serum which contains the same key ingredient as the RnA Drops, but in a form you can apply to your skin.


Dr. Carolyn Dean