How to amplify the effects of the Completement formulas

As powerful as my Completement Formulas are, it’s not always enough to just swallow them down and wait for something magical to happen. It works for some, but others must put in more effort to change the direction of their health.

We seem to get a lot of our most exciting testimonials from customers who engage with my weekly radio show Dr. Carolyn Dean Live. Every Monday, they tune in, listen, and submit questions directly to me so I can address them on the air.

Here is one such example of a customer who does her homework by participating in the show on a regular basis and applying what she learns.


Is it just me, or are the “Show Highlights” emails just getting better and better? This one is beyond A+. It is Gold Star in my view.

I download to my MP3 player and listen over and over until it sinks in – the passion, the charisma, the professional knowledge translated into everyday language – for complete absorption, just like the picometer sized molecules of ReMag, ReMyte and ReCalcia

If we listen, we get it. When we read about or hear companies hyping their supplements we actually can spot the errors in their copycat claims. But we are saved from wasting our hard-earned dollars due to the loyal mentoring of Dr. Dean and her right arm, Ginney.

The term “buyer beware” has real teeth. We are taught quality versus quantity, can spot a problem in ourselves and others more easily, and have dependable access in giving our cells the “solutions” they need. We share our happy results via testimonials with others.

I can attest that after a period, if you take the entire Completement Formula protocol, you are covered – in mind, body, and spirit. The problems of the world are still there of course, but your inner-self develops a Teflon-like endurance – no longer fretting over the “Me, Me” but truly from the inner depth of one’s being, the ability to RELAX AND ALLOW happens without effort. The Drama of life continues – that is why we are here – to be part of it. But instead of it consuming us, we can allow it to dance around us and become the observer at the same time as being able to play safely.

Again, my deepest appreciation to each of you for all that you do. I just want to add one observation. There is one person on the Dean Dream Team that has an especially loving heart. He or she displays that heart with happy comments sprawled on the outside of the shipping boxes. Even my courier has commented on it. The next order that she delivers, I will be handing her back a Completement Formula brochure.

To my new friends The Dean Dream Team: the very best that your Universe has to offer.



So, you can see what happens when you take part in this weekly radio show that we’ve put together – the effects of the Formulas are amplified.

Take the Completement Formulas and combine them with regular participation in my radio show to be inspired by others’ health success stories, get tips on how to optimize your nutrition and your use of the Formulas. Me, Ginney, and our community of listeners are here to deliver your weekly dose of encouragement, laughter, and light to help you find your way to feeling your best.

Tune in this Monday or listen to archives from past shows at We don’t charge for any of this. All it takes is a bit of your time and attention, and the intention to do what it takes to get on the track to achieving your health goals.


Dr. Carolyn Dean