The ionic mineral difference

I’ve been saying it for a while now, and our customers are starting to realize that there are not enough minerals in the food we eat. And, after trying several different forms of magnesium, they are starting to realize the ReMag difference–higher mineral absorption.

Here’s a positive story from a customer who figured out the importance of taking pico-sized, stabilized ionic minerals to remineralize his body and take back his health.


For me, this magnesium solution has been really a lifesaver. I got the ReMag and the ReMyte after reading Dr. Dean’s books. What she said, made sense.

Background, I am very health conscious and not overweight. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I am not into sweets and eat pretty healthy. So, in theory I should be getting enough minerals, especially magnesium, from what I eat. But, based on a heart situation, it appears I am deficient in magnesium and I don’t absorb enough minerals and magnesium from the food I eat.

Now, ionic minerals like ReMag or ReMyte get absorbed without going through the digestive system. So, that is the reason the ReMag effect is so fast for me. I have tried the ionic magnesium from other vendors too. They help, but, it seems to me that the ReMag action is faster than other brands. Probably, the reason being that the ReMag is Pico-Ionic magnesium rather than being Nano-Ionic (1000 times larger than Pico), which causes the magnesium to go to the cells much easier due to its smaller size. (NOTE: The magnesium ions in ReMag are uniquely stabilized in its ionic form in a proprietary process that is exclusive to Dr. Dean’s formula.)

Also, I carry some ReMag in my backpack when I go for a long hike. It has come in handy several times so far.

Bottom line, based on my own experience, I definitely recommend ReMag and ReMyte. The ionic minerals get absorbed without going through the digestive process. So, they are very effective. You can download and read Dr. Dean’s books for more info about why you need to take ionic minerals for your heart or other conditions. She is right on the money!



Notice that Scott went the extra mile and added also added ReMyte to his remineralization regimen. There’s no better way to get all the key minerals into your cells than to add this dynamic duo of ReMag and ReMyte to sea-salted water and sip it throughout the day.

You can find them both here:


Dr. Carolyn Dean