7 Tips for success on the Keto Diet

Do you want to look good, feel great and live a long, healthy life? Well, research shows that the Ketogenic diet may be the answer for you. Basically, it says that humans evolved over millions of years as hunter-gatherers, without eating large amounts of carbohydrates. And, reducing carb intake can improve your body’s resilience against major risk factors for heart disease, epilepsy, obesity, and diabetes.

  1. Be Ready. Get into the right mindset. Resistance to restrictions,, in this case carbs and sugar, is the reason why most diet plans don’t work. Ask yourself what outcome you want from this diet. Do you want to be in physically fit? Or in the best physical shape? Once you know what motivates you, you have something tangible to aim for.
  1. Focus on Abundance. Rather than focus on the foods you won’t be eating, focus on the foods that you will add to your diet that you love to eat. Before you begin this diet, start eating some of your favorite Keto-friendly foods just to prime yourself for what’s to come.
  1. Have a Support Network. Making lifestyle changes can be challenging, so ask friends, family members or co-workers to join you or support your weight loss program. You will also benefit from a support group of your peers led by a dietitian or certified health coach.
  1. Cocoon. Food-related socializing can be a real test of your willpower at first, so it may be easier to stay home where you have lots of Keto-friendly food at your fingertips. Your friends and family, hopefully, will understand that you need to avoid temptation. Binge-watch your favorite TV series, start a new hobby or take up a new exercise to keep you occupied. Also, since you’ll be courting halitosis for the first few days, so you might be doing everyone else a favor by staying sequestered! Once you get the hang of it and resist the impulse to cheat, you will have no problems socializing, and you will be a positive health influence to those around you.
  1. Be Prepared. Avoid cheating on your diet by always having Keto-appropriate snacks close at hand. For example, full fat cheese packets, nuts, nut bars, boiled eggs, or avocados. Keep lots of delicious food in the fridge, at work, in the car, in your bag and try to pack a bigger lunch than you think you need.
  1. Reward Yourself. Go to the spa, get a facial or massage, buy yourself something new. Going shopping for new clothes can motivate you to keep on the path of your weight loss journey. Take this opportunity to treat yourself to some of the non-food pleasures you’ve been putting off. This will help your brain associate the diet process with pleasure, rather than the pain of sacrifice.
  1. Track Your Accomplishments. Keep a food diary, take before and after photos, record your weight and measurements. Re-record and track your progress every week. Write down your favourite recipes and meals. Focus on the positive outcomes that you’ve accomplished, so that if you’re ever feeling unmotivated you can refocus on your goal.

Note: As with any diet, you are advised to consult your doctor before starting the Ketogenic diet.

If you’re finally ready to see the results you have been putting off, start applying these useful tips and you will to be successful with the Ketogenic diet. For even more advice click the link below to watch an entire webinar about the Keto Diet, presented by Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle.