How to motivate yourself to start the Keto diet

Have you decided on the Keto diet, but haven’t found the right motivation to start? Then maybe a change of mindset is needed to push you over the threshold to finally take action.

Here are some simple steps you can take to put yourself into the empowered mindset that will help you navigate the twists and turns that come with any weight loss journey.

Find your motive

Most people rely on a friend or health coach to guilt you into following your diet plan, however the best motivation comes from within. As human beings, we naturally try to avoid pain and move towards pleasure. The reason for wanting to start the Keto diet is to lose weight (avoid pain) so you can fit into your favorite outfit and be proud of your body (feel good). The key to seeing this diet through is to identify the most powerful source of motivation that will move you away from your current pain and towards your desired pleasure. Think about the Keto diet as the vehicle that will move you away from the pains of your current state, towards the pleasures of your future state. Change the way you think about the diet, and you will change your experience.

Set a specific, measurable goal

Choose an attainable goal that will inspire you to get started with your Keto diet in a healthy and positive way. Setting out with a vague goal will just prevent you from maintaining it in the long term, because you will not have a clear enough pulling force to remind you why it is worth it to stick to the diet. For example, rather than saying “I want to lose 10 pounds”, say “I want to fit into a specific size of swimsuit by summer time. The former is an abstract concept of weight, the latter is a concrete scenario that comes with a set of feelings that will reactivate your desire on the days you require a little extra push.

Cut it into smaller pieces

What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

In other words, if your goal seems unattainable, maybe you just haven’t broken it into small enough action steps that you can manage without becoming overwhelmed.

If you break the path to your goal up into milestones, then the small steps to get there will be more enjoyable for you. Instead of trying to fast-forward to your long-term goal of wearing a size 6, make a simple plan and put it into a sequence of baby steps. This might look like setting a goal to fit into a size 8 by the middle of spring and re-evaluating your plan when you get there. For you to achieve your overall weight loss objectives, you must create a simple plan using baby steps that will lead you towards your ultimate goal.

Get Happy

If you start to feel fatigued, your lack of enthusiasm will hamper your motivation to start or maintain your Keto diet plan. Since most cravings come when you are stressed, hungry and tired, you should begin preparing for your diet by taking time for yourself. Engage in activities that lower stress levels, balance the emotions and make you feel great. Getting more sleep will not only make you happier, but you will have more energy and tolerance to stick with your diet. When you’re happy you will be less affected by bumps in the road or other people’s negative self-talk. Indulge in some non-food rewards that you have been meaning to treat yourself to for a long time. That way, you will associate your diet with pleasure, not sacrifice.

Love Yourself

In order to stay motivated and focused on your weight loss goals, you must learn to love yourself from within, which in turn unfolds into an external transformation. The positive body image change you seek will come when you really love yourself. Make the decision to diet out of love, not as a means of self-punishment. Criticizing yourself fuels resentment and with resentment on board, no matter how much weight you lose, it won’t ever be good enough.

When you’re in a state of self love you will have a greater appreciation of how the diet will get you to your goal, will make healthier choices, and will naturally release resistance to your current body image. This happens by seeing perfection in your so-called imperfections. Remind yourself on a daily basis that you deserve a higher standard of health and beauty, and you are no longer going to deny yourself the healthy shape that you desire.


Don’t just focus on losing weight–imagine who you will become when you reach your goal. When you visualize your desired outcome with all your senses, you can begin to make choices that are in congruence with the person you want to become. For example, maybe the desired version of you would never add a pile of whipped cream and sprinkles to that latte. Who we believe that we are affects our choices.

The reality you live in is the byproduct of your thoughts. When looking towards the future, envision the benefits that await you but also think about the realistic obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your goals. Be honest about how you will address them. This will increase your chances of resisting temptation and overcoming obstacles. You must believe that the fats you will consume on the Keto diet will not make you fat. Keep your end goal in mind, and trust that the process will get you there.   

Find a role model

As with any new endeavor, there is always a learning curve and “rookie mistakes” can be encouraging. That’s where the knowledge and success stories of others can serve as a guiding light that can help you stay on track when you’re having a low-faith day. So, find someone who has succeeded at the diet and follow in their footsteps. Ask them what worked for them, what didn’t, and what it felt like for them when they finally reached their desired weight. If you don’t know someone personally who has succeeded with the Keto Diet, then find one in an online forum (eg. Reddit /keto/) or Facebook group.


Motivation isn’t necessarily about getting all hyped up, and diving in head first. Instead, it comes by focusing on a) the outcome you desire and b) the reason you want to achieve it, and reminding yourself of these on a daily basis. Ask yourself, “what is my true purpose for starting the Keto diet? What kind of feeling would I like to have as a result of the Keto Diet?” The answers will be your true motivation. And, pretty soon you will be standing in front of the mirror seeing the exact image you want the world to see–the change that came from the inside out.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean