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We take sleep for granted—until we start losing it! If you are experiencing the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep you may have insomnia. Because different people need different amounts of sleep, insomnia is defined by the quality of your sleep and how you feel after sleeping—not the number of hours you sleep or how quickly you doze off. Even if you’re spending eight hours a night in bed, if you feel drowsy and fatigued during the day, you may be experiencing insomnia.

There are countless causes of insomnia and many of them are either due to a magnesium deficiency or treatable with a highly absorbed magnesium supplement. Insomnia is actually one of the first symptoms to be alleviated with magnesium therapy and even people who sleep well report deeper, more satisfying sleep when they are saturating their body with magnesium. There is a saying in magnesium circles that the mineral is so effective that if a person complains that magnesium isn’t helping them sleep, then they just haven’t taken enough.

There is a long list of magnesium wasters and insomnia inducers that are interwoven – numerous medications, caffeine, alcohol, heart disease, pounding heartbeat, night time cortisol surges, RLS [restless leg syndrome], pain, hormone shifts, fear, stress, anxiety, heartburn, constipation, depression, dementia, OCD, ADHD, arthritis, and poor recovery from either provoke or indicate a magnesium deficiency.

There are many sleep studies that confirm the effectiveness of magnesium supplementation. Because doctors are inundated with pharmaceutical sales representatives, they don’t have to time pour through the published research on effective magnesium supplementation so their patients are more likely to get a drug than an effective highly absorbed magnesium product to alleviate their sleeplessness. If a doctor does recommend a magnesium product they reference magnesium oxide, which may partially work but usually causes an extreme laxative effect, and often the patient discontinues the treatment. Fortunately, using ReMag solves that problem!

Tonight on our internet based radio show we will talk with Dr. Carolyn Dean about Insomnia – Causes, Symptoms and Safe Solutions – along with

a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the ‘conflict’ in the ‘conflict basis’ of disease and much more!!

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  1. I have all night insomnia. My mind just will not shut off. What very specific magnesium powder or liquid can I buy? Thanks. I am 62. Please respond to my email.

    • Hello, Eddie.

      GINNEY emailing you today. Yes, ReMag Magnesium Solution is an easy-to-use highly absorbed form of magnesium that benefits many people! Insomnia is known to be related to magnesium deficiency although there are many lifestyle factors that do keep people up at night. XO

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