Staying Healthy

Here’s what could be holding back your health

Maybe you’d better sit down for this.

The biggest obstacle to your health goals could be…

Your very own mind.

Bear with me and consider this question for a moment: What is the desired outcome for your health?

If you have tried and tried and not achieved it yet, then the “labyrinth of the mind” could be getting in the way.

What is a labyrinth of the mind, you ask? It consists of the words you keep telling yourself and the thoughts you’ve been thinking for a very long time, which can put up resistance and make reaching your health goals a convoluted and frustrating experience.

For example:

Maybe you have family members who have a specific health condition and so you believe it’s hereditary and you are destined to suffer the condition by default.

Or, you could have a belief that certain foods make you fat, so whenever you eat them they will activate weight gain.

Another common example is when you may believe that just because everyone around you gets the flu that you have to get it as well.

And, the sad thing is that when these beliefs dictate your actions, they can become self-fulfilling prophecies and then start to affect you negatively every single time. Beliefs that don’t serve you will send you down the rabbit hole to that place you fear the most–because as humans we believe that when we break a rule, there will be consequences!

The good news is that my co-host Ginney Gunther and I came up with some words to help guide you through the labyrinth of your mind.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean