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What are spasms telling you?

Muscle spasms are an unpleasant experience for many people. While there are a number of possible causes, one of them is magnesium deficiency. Calcium causes muscles to contract, magnesium helps them relax. So, when the body has too high a calcium to magnesium ratio, muscles can go into spasm.

Here is one customer whose active lifestyle makes her prone to magnesium deficiency, which manifests as muscle spasms.


Before I began taking your ReMag and ReMyte, I was experiencing all over body spasms. It was terrifying.

Sometimes I couldn’t move and could just stand and breathe until it passed. I’m an open-water distance swimmer and won’t even describe how dangerous, painful, shocking and terrifying it felt to experience a whole body spasm far away from land. It ended my swimming lifestyle for a long while.  

I’ve been taking ReMag and ReMyte consistently for about 6 months. I’m inconsistent about taking any supplements, but it is becoming abundantly clear that I don’t dare discontinue the use of your products. I went 2 weeks experimenting to see what would happen and the subtle return of the muscle tension didn’t last long before it advanced into clearly recognizable muscle tension that would soon become a serious spasm if I didn’t hurry up and return to my previous daily dosage of ReMag and ReMyte.  

I now use between 3 and 6 capfuls of each throughout my day, every day. The ridges in my nails have improved dramatically. It feels like the one muscle still healing deeply is my psoas muscle, which still “catches” every now and then, which stops me in my tracks while walking. It’s the kind of “white light” pain that takes your breath away. That is becoming less frequent and I look forward to the day I can return to swimming again. Until then I’m learning the benefits of being consistent with my self-care.

Mahalo for brilliantly crafting your amazing products which I recommend to all my clients and friends.



A combination of tension, toxins and too little magnesium in the diet has turned many of us into spinning tops of tension. When you add strenuous physical activity to the mix, you have a recipe for magnesium deficiency. Even if your diet is healthy, if the body isn’t getting enough magnesium, it will be prone to cramps and spasms because a higher ratio of calcium is causing muscles to contract, even when you don’t need them to.

If you want to smooth out muscle tissue so it’s less prone to spasms, the most reliable way to do it is by supplementing with a highly-absorbed magnesium formula like ReMag.

You can find it here:

For best results, combine ReMag with ReMyte and sea salt in water and sip it throughout the day. This will ensure your muscles are not only getting magnesium, but all the electrolytes they need to stay hydrated.


Dr. Carolyn Dean