Staying Healthy

Great health is possible at any age

Here’s an inspiring story from one of our customers who has managed to stay healthy and active, while continuing to raise his performance level into his eighties!  


The support from RnA ReSet is truly outstanding. I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Dean’s blogs, in particular, regarding my own case. Now in my 85th year, I’ve never had a serious illness, and have been able to push the boundaries in most activities. Got a few injuries of course, army service and peacetime sports, but luckily still able to look after myself and a small block of land.

So, a few months ago I suddenly developed a heart problem, missing every third beat, and feeling unwell. The doctor was no help, so I searched the internet and found magnesium deficiency to be the possible cause. After trying a couple of the commonly available magnesium pills without success, I discovered and started the Total Body ReSet Bundle with complete success. I’m back to full workouts at the gym twice a week, bushwalking, etc.

I was surprised to find that my case was by no means unusual, with apparently reputable authorities failing to understand the importance of magnesium. Even the gym instructor recommended a pacemaker as a possible treatment! I’ve passed my magnesium experience on to others, of course.



Mike is living the benefits of a can-do attitude, and the mindset that age shouldn’t stop him from living an active life. And, when he experienced some physical contrast in his body, he decided to go all-in on the very best system of minerals and nutrients he could get his hands on. He engaged the ultimate building blocks for cellular health, leaving nothing to chance.

What drives the Total Body ReSet Bundle is an intended synergism, where each formula interfaces and interlaces with all the others. The nutrition the physical/chemical body wants includes – protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. The formulas in the bundle link with each other to give your body almost everything it requires to get healthy and stay healthy.

If you want to make sure you have all your bases covered, order the Total Body ReSet Bundle:


Dr. Carolyn Dean